My 15 Faves

Last night I finally started packing. Finally! I’m moving on March 19th and I only have 2 boxes packed. And those are just my grandma’s china, which was already packed for me…did I mention I’m kinda lazy? Anyway, I started packing up my things and decided to show off my 15 favorite items. Now I can still enjoy them while they are packed away!
So, in no particular order:
Fatty Bird

I love this little guy! I also love the old tricycle, so I should really count this as 2…but I’m not going to. My mom and I found his fatness at an antique store last year and she bought him for me for Christmas.
Fleur-de- lis Candleholder

I know, I know…it needs a candle. Regardless, I love it! I bought it over the summer at an antique store in Morro Bay, CA. I love buying pieces like this as a souvenir instead of the usual shot glass (which I still buy).
Do Nothing Sign

Remember what I said earlier about being lazy? My friend Dan bought this for me. He used to be one of my roommates; he definitely knows me.

I love lamp.
This was my grandma’s lamp. I found it when we were cleaning out her house a couple years ago. So it’s sentimental and gorgeous.
Paris Pitcher

I bought this beauty during a store-wide sale at my favorite antique mall in Chandler, AZ. It was marked $22, but it was 20% off. It’s a little more than this cheap thrifty fool would typically pay, but I just had to have it.
Ballerina Wire Form

I saw this the same day as the pitcher, but I didn’t buy it then. I spent the whole week regretting my decision and ended up going back to buy it the following weekend. I knew if it was still there it was meant to be. Obviously it was still there.
Perfume Bottle

My mom bought this for me for Christmas last year. It’s nothing valuable or unique; it’s from the Hobby Lobby. But it’s special to me. Isn’t it pretty?!
Once Upon a Time

Sometimes when my mom and I are out shopping we like to play a little game. It’s called “You must buy yourself at least one special thing”…ok, that’s not really its name, but you get the idea. This is one of my “one special thing.” Someday (a long time from now) I’ll put it in my daughter’s room.

I love these because they are exactly my style. I love them even more because I got a ridiculous deal on them. I found these in the Christmas section of Walgreens the day after Christmas, so I got them half-off! Yeah buddy!

These were another item that almost fell victim to my indecision. I saw them one day at my favorite antique mall, I picked them up and carried them around with me for a couple aisles, but then I decided to put them back. I don’t have a good reason why. When I went back for the storewide sale a month or so later they were still there. I had to buy them this time. And I got them for 30% off…sometimes being indecisive pays off (usually it doesn’t).

These used to be gold. I bought the pair for $5 at a Girl Scout fundraiser yard sale. I spray painted them white and distressed them…I think they look awesome. And I’m a book worm, so it was a perfect find.
Framed Tile

I found this framed ceiling tile at the same antique mall as the other items above. I think this was the very first item I bought there. I’ve loved the tile and the store ever since.
Girl Statue

She’s another piece I got when we cleaned out my grandma’s house. In all honesty, I think she’s a tad bit creepy. And she’s really heavy; you could kill someone with her. Despite being a slightly creepy weapon, I like her.

Bath Pictures

This is 1 of 2 pictures in the set. The second one looks exactly the same except with navy details. I like the pictures, I love the frames.
Plant Stand

This is another Christmas present. My mom knows my style. I’m growing a jungle in my apartment right now, so this is a cute way to show some of my plants off.

And that makes 15!
I love these pieces. Some were cheap, some were more expensive, but they all capture a great memory. I’m sure you’ll see them again in my finished rooms. Do you have favorite pieces in your home?


  1. Love your blog! Im a new follower via gfc, hope you'll follow back!

    Good luck moving, I'm so glad that the military packed up all of our boxes and moved them out for us..It looked like a pain in the tush!


  2. Congrats on your new home. I am your newest follower. I can't wait to see how your new home develops over the next month :)
    Jenny @

  3. I loved seeing all these special items. The Once Upon a Time made me want to cry it was so awesome.

    I'm a follower from Thirsty Thursdays.



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