My Dad’s Before and Afters

While my mom and I were busy painting over the weekend, my dad was busy on his “daddy-do” list. He finished the list faster than I thought; I should have had more projects ready. I’m thankful that my dad is so handy! However, he has no idea what a blog is or why I’d want a picture of an outlet or gross shower head, so I’m sad to say that I’m missing some “before” shots. Luckily I got the good ones!
Before – Back Porch

Before – Front Porch

Before – Master Bathroom

(My dad took it off the wall before I could get a picture)

Also Completed:
New showerhead in guest bathroom

I wish I had a before picture…it was G-R-O-S-S

White light switches/outlets in master bedroom and bath

Bye, bye beige!
He replaced:
1 double light switch in master bedroom
1 double light switch in master bathroom
About 6 outlets in master bedroom
1 outlet in master bathroom

…there’s not a shortage of outlets in this house

Correct light bulbs in ceiling fans and recessed kitchen lights

Every light fixture in this house had mismatched light bulbs…a CFL here, a 67 watt there, a 90 watt here, and a flood light bulb there. Have you ever heard of a 67 watt light bulb? We hadn’t. So, my dad was sent to buy CFL bulbs for the ceiling fans in the living room/dining room/kitchen and smaller bulbs for the recessed lights. 90 watts was way too much for those and they kept getting too hot…so unsafe!

Thanks Dad for all your handy work and for being our gopher all weekend!


  1. You must be loving this! I can't wait until we have a house of our own to fix up! I love the improvements. oh and I gave you a blog award on my blog if you want to participate!

  2. Very nice, I love the changes you have made!


  3. Excellent job. How much does he charge? Hugs. Patti

  4. Wow he really got a lot done. Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish next

  5. Looking good! I'm following you back now!


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