One Room Challenge – Garage Makeover

The One Room Challenge is back! For those of you who are new to the challenge, the ORC was started six years ago by Linda at Calling It Home. Participants have six weeks to transform a space and share their progress every week. Yesterday 20 featured designers shared their rooms and makeover plans (you can see them here). Today all of the guest participants (including me) are joining in the challenge (see all of the rooms here).

I didn’t join the last round, but in the past I’ve worked on my laundry room, master bathroom, dining room, and master bedroom. The One Room Challenge is the best motivation and I’m convinced that none of those rooms would be as finished as they are if I hadn’t joined the challenge. 

I had a hard time deciding on a space this time. I’ve been talking about refreshing the guest bathroom for almost over a year now, but the garage really needs work. It’s going to get hot in Phoenix soon, so this really would be the best time to start if we want to get it done anytime soon without melting. But people are more likely to see the guest bathroom than garage, so is it really a priority? I went back and forth for days (driving Adam crazy in the process), but eventually decided to pick the garage. It won’t be as pretty as a bathroom makeover, but I think it’ll be fun to tackle something different.

As you can see, the garage is a mess. Nothing is organized and there’s stuff everywhere. When Adam moved in, a lot his stuff never made it in the house, but most of that crap is mine. So step one is going to be cleaning and purging. Once everything is cleaned out I want to add a big workbench, hang a pegboard, and get our tools organized.

On the other wall, it’s all about storage. We have 2 shelving units already, but will probably need another plus closed storage. I’m really hoping to get the garage put together with enough room for both of our cars. Right now only one of us can park in there.

By the door, I’d love to create an entry area. We use this door (it opens into the laundry room) more than the front door, so I really want to make better use of this area…and make it prettier.

Our biggest project in here is probably going to be refinishing the floors. One of my friends refinished his garage floors with one of those epoxy kits and it looks amazing, so that’s our plan for in here.

I haven’t decided if we’ll need to paint in here or not, but we definitely have to do something about the damaged drywall. Both of us have hit the wall at some point, but someone (I won’t name names) hit it pretty hard by accident a few months ago. So, we’ll either fix the drywall or do some sort of wall treatment to hide the damage.

With that, let’s talk to do list:
Clean Out Garage
Fix drywall
Paint Walls
Refinish Floor
Workbench Area
Add Pegboard
Add Storage
Create Entry Area

That’s a lot to finish in six weeks and hopefully we can beat the heat, but I’m excited to get this project going! Wish us luck! I’ll be back next week to share our progress.


  1. Hi Sam, I'm glad you decided on a garage makeover and I can't wait to see what you do to this space.
    Julie @ Love My Simple Home

  2. I need to do my garage next! Best of luck to you!

  3. Sam, I love that you are going to epoxy the floor. I want to do that as well in our garage, so I'll be following you along to see how yours turn out! Thanks for stopping by The Dedicated House and leaving the sweet comment! It means the world! Feel free to share any of your posts at my Make it Pretty party. Here is the link to this week's party if you want to check it out! Have a great weekend! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  4. Awesome makeover that everyone can follow through. With that the garage would be able to store large tools and equipments.


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