Guest Bathroom Refresh Mood Board

I know, I know…I shouldn’t start on yet another room makeover until I finish one of the other ones currently in work, but I just can’t help myself! I’m completely over the guest bathroom and I’m ready for a change. The guest bathroom was the first room in the house to get a complete makeover when I moved in five years ago. It was pretty gross, so it ended up at the top of my to-do list. I loved the room when I finished it, but my design style has really changed over the past five years.

I had originally planned to just replace the artwork, shower curtain, towels, and rug, but I ended up deciding it was time to upgrade the rest of the room too (I’ll explain more later). So this room is going to get a big refresh! Before I get into the plans, let’s look at the mood board I put together. These aren’t necessarily the exact pieces I’m going to buy, but the general vibe I’m going for in there.

So, I’ve already bought the artwork pictured in the mood board. The succulent watercolors are by Kiana Mosley and are being sold at Target for a limited time. I’m a big fan of her work and was so happy to find these at Target. I’ve also already bought that shower curtain. It looks better in person, trust me. Of course as soon as I hung up the artwork and new curtain, I knew I needed to repaint the room. The soft yellow just does not look good with those pieces. So, I’m thinking a very light blue for the walls.

However, before I can start painting, the room needs some drywall/wall texture work. There’s still some lines from the original mirror and the wall with the towel holder is a weird finish that doesn’t match the rest of the room. Plus the light fixture needs to be moved over so it’s actually centered above the sink, so that’ll need repair too. I also want to remove the piece of the countertop that goes over the toilet and I’m sure that spot will need some patching too. I really liked the guys who fixed my laundry room and hallway ceiling, so I’m going to see if they can come and fix the texture in here.

The vanity is also due for an upgrade. I still love the black, but I just don’t think it’ll look good with everything else, so I’m planning to paint it a dark navy color. As I mentioned above, I also want to buy a new vanity top. The current one is old and yellowing, plus I hate the way it extends over the toilet. The vanity base is still sturdy and in really good shape, so I think I only need to replace the top.

I’m keeping the double towel rack and toilet paper holder that are currently in the room, but I need to replace the faucet. The finish has not held up well and is starting to look pretty terrible. Luckily, that’ll be an easy switch.

Other than that, it’s just towels, a rug and accessories so I’m hoping this makeover won’t take too long…but we’ll see. Let’s take a look at the to-do list:

Center junction box/light fixture
Fix drywall/wall texture
Paint room
Paint vanity
Install new cabinet hardware
Replace vanity countertop
Install new faucet
Replace mirror
Buy new shower curtain
Hang new artwork
Replace Rug
Replace Towels
Accessories/Finishing Touches


  1. And now I'm going to have to redo my guest bathroom. I was wondering if you were going to blog about this after you did your master bedroom! I LOVE that mood board! It's amazing and totally more in line with your style!

  2. I liked what you had, but I love your ideas too! Have you been able to get it started yet?!

    Have you ever tried painting countertop? It's always intrigued me but all my countertops are too nice to paint. :( Might be worth a try if you're going to replace anyway?

    1. So far I've only replaced the artwork, shower curtain and towels.

      I've never tried painting a countertop. I'm not sure how it would hold up. I'd consider trying it in here, but I really want to get rid of that piece that goes across the toilet.


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