Backyard Landscaping Project: Almost Complete

When we left off last week, the yard had been cleared and the trench for the drip line had been dug out. You can see the before pictures here and Days 1-4 here.

Day 5 – The drip line has been laid out around the yard, but it’s not hooked up yet. They also dug the holes for the trees today.

Day 6 – The trees are in! The 2 closest trees are shade trees and the ones in the back are citrus. On the right is a lemon tree and on the left is an orange tree. I can’t wait until they start producing fruit! I paid for more mature trees, so we should get our first fruit later this year! They also prepped the sand for the paver install. 

They also started on the river rock border around the pool and added a few hibiscus plants. Once the plants grow a bit, it’s going to look so tropical and lush by the pool. This was probably the most exciting day so far. I can actually start to see the yard coming together now.

Day 7 – The paver conversation area is done! Plus more plants were added today. I’m so glad I decided to have them add plants after all. I told the landscape designer to do whatever she thought would look nice and I love what she came up with.

There are six bougainvillea plants along the very back wall. They are small now, but if they grow like the one in my front yard, they’ll be huge in no time. The pink and green is going to look amazing once they get a little bigger.

Day 8 – The drip system was completely installed today, so my plants and trees are all set up now. They're almost finished the border around the pool. The rest of the space will be filled with the same rocks as the rest of the yard.

Day 9 - It's finally time for the rocks! They weren't able to finish the entire yard, but you can already see how amazing it's going to look once it's all complete! 

Speaking of complete, as of yesterday everything is complete and it looks amazing! I'll be back next week with the full reveal. The before/after pictures are going to blow your mind!

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  1. Looking good! Can't wait to see when everything is finished!


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