Backyard Landscaping Project: The Finished Yard

Oh man, this post has been a long time coming! I’ve been wanting to get my backyard landscaped ever since I moved into this house five years ago…and it’s finally done!

My backyard is pretty huge, so it ended up being quite the project. It was definitely more work than I was willing to take on myself, so I hired a landscape company to re-do the entire thing for me. It was EXPENSIVE, but worth it. OK, enough talk – let’s look at the before and after pictures.



The patio table and chairs are the same set that I had before (from Craigslist), but I added new cushions from Wal-Mart and a colorful striped umbrella from Kohl’s. I also bought four plastic Adirondack chairs from Home Depot for the fire pit area. Luckily I already had the cushions (patio cushions are SO expensive).

I’m currently in the market for a small shed for the right side of the yard and eventually I’d like to add some raised garden beds. I’m waiting for a good deal for the shed and the garden will probably be a fall project. It’s starting to get too hot in Phoenix to mess with a garden right now. But other than those few things, the yard is done! I can’t wait for the plants and trees to start filling out.

We’ve already had one big party in the new yard and I can’t wait for more this summer! BBQ at my house!



  1. We are working on our backyard update in sections because it IS so darn expensive. I love what you've done (the larger rocks around the pool deck edge is something I may steal ;)).

  2. Oh my gosh! It looks so great! I love the transformation! You have so much room! We always buy our cushions at the end of the season from places like Lowe's or Home Depot. They will normally mark them way down when summer starts winding down!

  3. OMG! Sam, I love love love this! I want to be real life friends so I can hang out in your backyard!! So funny though, you guys don't even bother with grass in Phoenix?! Ha! Seriously, looks so amazing.

    1. I'm excited that it's finally starting to cool down and we can actually spend time out here!

      I would love grass and was initially planning to add some, but it just doesn't seem practical in a desert. I'd hate to waste all of that water!

  4. It's starting to look really great!

  5. Wow! You guys did a great job! It's looking so good!

  6. What a sunny shiny open yard you shaped! You got really a stunning house and mind-peace creating yard. Love all tremendously.


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