ORC Week 4 – PANIC!

It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge and I’m officially freaking out! I’ve been out of town three of the past four weeks, so I’m seriously behind schedule. I need to kick it into overdrive this weekend or this room definitely won’t be finished in time. OK, before I completely start panicking, let’s talk about what I accomplished since last week.

I pulled out all of the new bedding and pillows so I could put the bed together. I’m seriously obsessed with this set. I love the print on this side and it’s reversible with a cute print on the other side too. Kudos Lauren Conrad…too bad I’ve sworn off Kohl’s after my last terrible experience and will never be able to buy your products again.

I hung the new curtain rod and curtains. Of course they are too long, so I have to add ‘hem curtains’ to my to-do list. Regardless, I’m happy with my choices and it’ll all look even better once the curtains are the correct length. Rod and curtains are from Target.

And yeah, that’s it. My grand plan from last week of refinishing the nightstands and finding/hanging artwork by this update didn’t happen. Yikes! The clock is ticking!

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