ORC Week 3 – Freshly Painted

Hello from Philadelphia! I’m on business travel this week, but I do have some progress to share today. I mean, it’s already the third week of the One Room Challenge, I better have something to share this week, amiright?! The clock is ticking! Anyway, let’s talk progress – the walls are painted!

After much deliberation, I picked December Sky by Dunn-Edwards. It’s a nice light gray color and I’m happy with my choice. Luckily the ceiling and trim was done somewhat recently, so I didn’t have to mess with either of those (except for a few touchups). All I needed to do was paint a couple coats on the walls. Of course easier said than done, but it was definitely a quicker project than when I painted my bedroom.

I got my new sheets washed and on the bed, so now I just need to wash the rest of the bedding and buy inserts for a couple of the shams. That’s my goal for next week plus I want to get the curtains hung, paint at least one of the nightstands, and find some artwork for the walls. I get back from Philadelphia tomorrow night so hopefully I’ll have enough energy to tackle the room this weekend.

With three weeks left, let’s take a look at the to-do list:

Paint walls
Buy new bedding and pillows
Paint nightstands
Buy/hang curtains
Paint dresser
Hang artwork
Finishing touches/accessories

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  1. You have to love a blank slate! I'm working on a guest room too and still wondering if I should paint the walls.

  2. I love that bed! It looks like this is going to be a very soothing room!


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