ORC Week 1 – Guest Bedroom Mood Board

It’s time for another round of the One Room Challenge! Thanks to Linda at Calling it Home for hosting the link up party again. If you are new to the challenge you can read more here, but basically it’s a six week challenge to makeover one room. Don't forget to stop by and check out the official participants here and other linking participants' rooms here!

In the past I’ve worked on my laundry room, master bathroom, and dining room. For this round I’m making over my guest bedroom! You haven’t seen much of it in the past couple years because it’s been a serious mess. All of the junk was moved out a couple months ago and it’s ready for a complete refresh! Here’s how the room looks now:

Yeah, not much more than a bed, nightstand, lamp and high-water curtains. The bed is staying, but everything else is going to be re-painted or replaced. As usual, I put together a mood board to pull all of my ideas together. Of course everything is subject to change, but it really helps me visualize how everything will look together. So, here’s my plan for the guest bedroom:

I’m going to start by painting the walls a light gray. I like the blue, but I’m sick of it and ready for a change. As I mentioned above, I’m keeping the bed, but I’m going to change out the bedding and pillows. I’m also replacing the IKEA nightstand with the old set from my master bedroom. They’ll need a fresh coat of paint though.

Of course I’ll be adding new lamps and accessories, plus hanging artwork and a mirror. Depending on space I might bring in a dresser and chair too. I’m also planning on replacing the curtains with a longer pair.

I’m excited to see how this room turns out. I’m already worried about time because I’m currently in Italy and although I’m flying home this weekend, I’m sure I’ll be jetlagged and not feel like painting or doing anything in here. Oh well, I’ll just have to catch up in the following weeks!

OK, let’s look at the to-do list:

Paint walls
Buy new bedding and pillows
Paint nightstands
Buy/hang curtains
Paint dresser
Hang artwork
Finishing touches/accessories

Mood Board Source List: Mirror - Be Our Guest Sign - Nightstands - Lamps - Wifi Passwor Printable - Window/Wreath - Bed - Bedding - Shams - Bonne Nuit Pillow - Abstract Painting - Curtains - Dresser - Pink Metal Tile - White Metal Tile


  1. Your board is so delicate and pretty- good luck!

  2. Love the pastel colours and romantic feel to your new bedroom. Waiting to see more:)

  3. Sam how amazing that you are (were?) in Italy!!!! Hope you had a fabulous time!! Looking forward to following along with your ORC room. Your plan is beautiful!!!


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