Spring Cleaning: Pantry

I’m officially in spring cleaning mode! A couple weeks ago I cleaned out the master bedroom closet and this past weekend I cleaned out the pantry. If you are a long time follower you might remember when I cleaned up my pantry a few years ago, if not you can see the before/after pictures here…you can also see a picture of Ringo with his head in the dog food bag and a teeny tiny Abby puppy. I barely remember her that small…Anyway, this is what my pantry looked like after it had been cleaned up 3 years ago:

This is what it looks like now:

Yep, the mess (plus 3 years worth of random purchases) has taken over. It’s not nearly as bad as it originally was, but it could definitely use some spring cleaning/organizing. I decided to work shelf by shelf, so I started by clearing each shelf and then wiped it down. Then I just sorted everything into keep, donate, and trash piles. It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years! As I put the “keep” things back I tried to organize them on designated shelves and containers.

I ended up with a big donate pile and filled quite a bit of our trash can too. I found a lot of food that expired in 2013…I’m so glad that the pantry is finally clean, but man, that was a lot of work. It took me about 3 hours to clean/organize everything! I was exhausted by the time I was done. It was worth it though – look how good the pantry looks now!

Now that it’s all clean, I’m inspired to finish up the room. I just need to find and hang some hooks and maybe a cute print? My to-do list is short, so this should be finished soon!


  1. We have decided to downsize, so I spent my spring break REALLY purging. I feel, even though I went to Goodwill to drop things four times and sold some things via Facebook, that I've barely started. I just pulled my son's old clarinet out of our pantry to donate to a needy child at school who wants to continue with band in middle school that's a feel good.

    I've been working with a list of eight rules that really gets me loosened up to rid myself of things!

    Wherever we will end up, it will be much smaller, so this is a good thing.

  2. Looks great! It's always so much work going through a closet, pantry,etc. but so worth it in the end. Great job lady!

  3. Wow! Look at that you did a really good job clearing that pantry out. I have been de-cluttering my home as well. Feels good doesn't it?


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