Spring Cleaning: Master Bedroom Closet

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to start cleaning and organizing! Actually, it’s felt like spring in Phoenix since like February, but I’m sure those of you still dealing with snow don’t want to hear that. Just like I don’t want to hear about your nice weather this summer when I’m dying of heat stroke in Phoenix. Anyway, I’ve decided to start working my way around the house to clean and organize some our messiest spaces. I decided to start with my closet because it’s completely out of control and I’m sick of dealing with the mess every morning.

If you are a long time follower you might remember that I’ve cleaned out my closet a couple times before…the mess just keeps coming back! Plus I have a “no more hangers” shopping rule, so once they fill up, I have to clean out my clothes before I can buy anything new. I’ve officially hit that point. Anyway, this is what my closet looked like before I started cleaning/organizing:

I started by sorting through my shoes and picking them all up off the floor. I bought a lot of boots over the winter and as you can see, they all ended up in a pile on the floor. I put those and the rest of my shoes away in their boxes plus bagged up some shoes I no longer want. You can actually see the floor now! Yay!

Next I went through my clothes. I tried to be pretty ruthless and only keep things that I love. Harder said than done, but I made great progress. Here’s my donate pile!

And after all of that, here’s how my closet looks now. Oh, and look closely in the mirror, you can see Ringo sleeping on our bed:

So much better! It really didn’t take that long either. I got all of this done after work one day before starting dinner. I probably should have done this months ago…story of my life!

Are you doing any spring cleaning in your house? I still need to clean out the pantry...


  1. Nice! And good for you, I need to do mine soon!

  2. I totally need to clean out our closets...and dressers! I need to re-do our closet in our bedroom to maximize the space too. Totally motivated after seeing your before & after photos!


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