Painted End Table...Again

Yep, I re-painted my living room end table!

You might remember that last year I painted it navy to match my console table…and then a couple weeks later I bought a new console table. Whomp whomp whomp…

Luckily paint is an easy fix! I ended up using the same paint as my chalkboard, Americana D├ęcor chalky finish paint, to paint the table. I have a love/hate relationship with chalk paint. I love the finish, but I hate that it shows brushstrokes. I think it might be just this brand, but I’m not sure. I had to sand the hell out of this piece to get a smooth finish, which kind of defeats the purpose of using chalk paint in the first place. No prep (sanding) is one of the biggest selling points. And just as an FYI, after some trial and error, I think the cheap foam brush worked better than my nice Purdy brush, but I still had to sand down brush marks. Has anyone else had this same problem? It seems like every other DIY blog loves chalk paint…maybe it’s just me? Or is it just because I’m a little OCD and most other people don’t care as much about brushstrokes?

Anyway, once the paint was dry I added a new knob from Hobby Lobby and done! I love how it turned out…hopefully I don’t have to paint this piece again =)


  1. My husband surprised me this past weekend and painted our (very similar) night stands. He didn't use chalk paint though. Love how they turned out!

  2. I love it! I really like the white and the pretty knob you picked. Great project!

  3. Love it painted white with the color of your couch and the other colors in the room. I've never used chalk paint before, but seeing brush strokes would drive me nuts too!


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