New Around the House

Today I want to share a few of the items that I’ve bought recently. None of them are exciting enough for their own post, so I decided to put them all into one “look what I’ve bought” recap.

Let’s start with my favorite item – this organizer from Michael’s! I’ve been battling clutter on our kitchen counters for years and I think this organizer is the solution for our mail mess! #1 is my boyfriend’s mail, #2 is my mail, and #3 is the mail that hasn’t been sorted yet. I usually just drop everything in the bottom section when I get home and sort it all over the weekend.

I decided to hang it in the laundry room because I usually come in the house through the garage/laundry room, so it’s easy to drop off the mail plus it’s out of the way. As I mentioned, it’s from Michael’s and it’s normally $69.99, but it was on sale for 50%-off and I had a coupon for an additional 25%-off, so I only paid $26.24.

Next up is my new EAT sign. I bought it at an antique store (Merchant Square) for $13. I like how it looks on my window sill with my herbs, but it might end up elsewhere at some point.

The booth that I found this sign in had some really cute reclaimed wood signs and they were all pretty reasonably priced. I can definitely see myself buying more signs from there in the future. For the price, it’s worth it to just buy instead of DIY.

Now let’s move into the living room to see my new frames. I’ve been slowly replacing some of my spray painted frames with pretty new ones. I ended up replacing the three 8x10 frames on the entertainment center shelves with frames from Target.

I really like how they add a little more color to the unit than the plain white ones did. They are from the Threshold line and were $12.99/each. I’m also replacing the mats with double ones from Michael’s. They make the framing look a little more custom for only a couple bucks more.

Lastly, I finally found some accessories for my master bathroom. How cute is this bird set? I ended up buying the tissue box cover, tray, and tumbler. As you can see, I’m using the tumbler for Dixie cups. I think it looks so much better than the plain one I used to have. They just don’t make cute ones anymore (or maybe they never did). I still need to get a candle for the other end of the tray.

The set is from HomeGoods. The tissue box cover was $12.99, $9.99 for the tray, and the tumbler was $5.99.

OK, who else has been shopping lately? What’s new in your house?


  1. Lots of great finds. :). I like the wall organizer.

  2. Lots of great finds. :). I like the wall organizer.

  3. What awesome additions to your home! I love the EAT sign, and that wall organizer is pretty cool as well :)

  4. Love all of your finds! The mail sorter and EAT sign are my favorites :)


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