Weekend Junk #19

It’s time for another round of thrift store goodies! This post is a roundup of some of my favorite finds over the past few months – I don’t want anyone to think that I found all of this in one weekend! As you can see, most of my finds are from Goodwill and Savers. However, they recently opened an Epic Thrift within a mile of my house, so I’ve been stopping by pretty regularly and have had pretty decent luck there too.

OK, let’s start with clothes:

Kut from the Kloth Jeans (my favorite jeans brand) - Goodwill - $7.99 $3.99
Pink Lace-Back Shirt – Savers - $4.99 $2.50
Full Tilt Striped Sweater – Epic Thrift - $6.99
Banana Republic Cropped Jeans - Goodwill - $14.99 $7.48
LOFT Striped Shirt - Goodwill - $4.99 $2.49
DownEast Bird Shirt – Savers - $7.99 $6.00

Kut from the Kloth Jeans – Epic Thrift – $9.99 $7.49
Buffalo David Bitton Teal Shirt – Goodwill - $7.99 $3.99
Chambray Shirt – Epic Thrift - $5.99 $4.49

Navy/Coral Gap Shirt - Goodwill - $3.99 $1.99
Leopard Print Shirt – Epic Thrift – $5.99
Gray/White Striped GAP Blazer – Epic Thrift - $9.99 $4.99

Now let’s talk home good/wares! As usual, there’s ironstone…

Red Cliff  Ironstone Tureen – Savers - $7.99
Capiz Frame – Goodwill - $3.99 $1.99
Glass Corn Dishes – Goodwill - $0.99 $0.49/each
The Pioneer Woman Book – Goodwill - $3.99 $1.99

Blue and White Ironstone Set - Lutheran Thrift - $3.50_
Frame - Goodwill - $0.99 $0.49
Snow White Ironstone Sugar Jar - Lutheran Thrift - $2.00
Ironstone Platter – Goodwill – $2.49 $1.24

And these boots aren't a thrift store find, but they are the best deal I've gotten in a long time. Last week K-Mart had most of their boots on clearance online for $2.99! I was able to get 3 pairs and with shipping only paid about $16!

Boots - K-Mart - $2.99 each!

What have you found recently?

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  1. Wow, you've been finding some really cool treasures lately. Love the bird shirt!

  2. Wow, you found some really awesome clothes. I really like all the jeans you got and can we talk about all the fab china pieces? Awesome! To be honest I haven't shopped in a really long time, I have to go out there again and hit some favorite stops.

  3. Such great finds! I never look online at Kmart, only stop there some times when I'm in my hometown. Now I know I better check their site every now and then for good deals!


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