The Friday Five

One – London and Paris Pillows

I bought the CUTEST pillows at HomeGoods over the weekend! One is a map of London and one is a map of Paris! It’s kind of hard to tell in pictures, but some of the details are embroidered. I seriously love these pillows! If you are interested, the brand is Feathers by Fashion, but I can’t find them online so you’ll have to check your local store. They also had a New York City one. The London one was $19.99 and the Paris one was $24.99.

Two – London Broil Marinade

I’m obsessed with this London broil marinade recipe. I’ve made it four times over the past couple months and it’s been delicious every time. It’s super simple and it’s paleo approved! I usually throw everything together the night before while I’m already in the kitchen, but I’ve also started marinating the meat in the morning and both ways are delicious. I can’t vouch for the grilling directions because I usually just hand it off to my boyfriend to grill and we use elk instead of beef, which cooks differently, but the marinade is definitely a keeper!

Three – An Updated Frame

Last week I switched out a picture frame in the hallway. If you remember, the original frame was a cheapo from Wal-Mart that I spray painted white. I’ve wanted to replace the frame for a while now and I finally found one that I liked at Kohl’s. It was only $8 (sale price + $5 rewards cash + 20%-off coupon)! I think the new frame looks so much better and it really shows off my Portobello Road artwork.

Four – Lip Sync Battle

Have you seen the Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, and Kevin Hart lip sync battle video from The Tonight Show? If not, watch it immediately! It’s hilarious! I’ve seen it more times than I care to admit, but I still laugh out loud every time, especially at Will Ferrell. The Tonight Show’s lip sync battles are by far my late night skit. If you haven’t seen the other ones, look them up on YouTube! They are all great!

Five – Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Does anyone have anything planned for tomorrow? We don’t yet. We’ll probably just go somewhere casual for dinner so we can avoid the crowds. I’m excited to give my boyfriend his “I love you because…” present and see what he thinks. 


  1. That steak does look delicious. Where does one buy elk?!

    1. My boyfriend is into hunting, so the meat is from his elk hunt last fall.

  2. I love your new frame. I'm also such a fiend for cute pillows!

  3. I love that London pillow! I am definitely going to look for it at my local Homegoods! Thanks for the tip.

  4. I love those pillows - I want the Paris one!

  5. Love those pillows! And that London Broil looks tasty! Happy Valentine's day!

  6. the lip sync battle is hysterical! Jess {Lovely Jubbly London}

  7. I popped into Home Goods today in hopes of finding Paris, but no luck :(. The elk looks spectacular! I love to buy London Broil on sale and freeze in the marinade. That way as it's thawing it's like a charm. Hope you're enjoying the weekend!!

  8. Those pillows are just adorable. I need to go to Home Goods and see if our local store has them. Just so cute!!! And the lip sync battle was absolutely hilarious when I saw it. Just the BEST! Thanks for linking up with us last week at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  9. Hello! I just happened upon your blog and I love your travel posts. We moved to London last year from California and starting blogging myself. I LOVE that London pillow and would like it on our couch! SO cute!

  10. They now have the Paris pillow (and New York) for sale on Tj Maxx's website! For anyone still looking ☺️


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