Living Room Throw Pillows

It’s time for another project from the Christmas Break to-do list: throw pillows for the living room! This project is long overdue (I ordered the fabric in October 2013) and I’m so happy it’s finally done.

Once my craft room was finally clean enough to actually use the sewing machine, this was a pretty quick and easy project. I sewed three 20x20 envelope pillow covers. I only bought two yards of fabric so I had to sew a few scrap pieces together to cover the back of the last pillow, but it’s not really noticeable. I didn’t write up any instructions for this project because there are already plenty of envelope pillow cover tutorials out there. Just make sure you leave plenty of overlap in the back so the insert doesn’t show through the gap.

The fabric is P Kaufmann St. Thomas Pearl and I bought it on eBay for $26.75/yard. It looks like there’s a minimum 15-yard order now, but it can probably be found elsewhere if you are interested. As for the inserts, 2 of them are from IKEA and 1 is from Joann’s. I think I prefer the one from Joann’s. The IKEA ones smoosh down too much when you lay on them. Although they would be fine if the pillows were just decorative.

I love how the pillows bring a little color to the room. It was starting to look a little too neutral in there for my taste. I love how this room is turning out.

And now I think this would be the perfect time to review and update the living room to-do list:

Find sectional
Buy rug
DIY abstract art
Re-paint console table
Paint China Hutch
Sew curtains
Apothecary cabinet
Find coffee table
Buy new end table
Sew throw pillows

Replace missing baseboard
Style entertainment center shelves/top
Decorate fireplace mantle
Replace arm chair
Paint end table – newly added
Style coffee table – newly added
Style console table – newly added
Add lining to curtains – newly added
Buy/sew pillows for bench – newly added
Hang artwork above bench – newly added
Paint bench – maybe?
More throw pillows/add throw – maybe?
Buy large plant/pot – removed from list


  1. Love the pop of color these pillows bring into your living space. By the looks of it you are right on target to clear your entire list by the summer. Great work. I am really loving the rug, it like the pattern and color. :)

  2. So pretty! I love those pillows. The pops of color are perfect in your living room.


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