Tick-tock...I got a new clock!

If you remember, this is the clock that used to hang in the space. I got it for my birthday 4 or 5 years ago. It was fine, but I’ve been wanting something different for awhile now.

I saw this clock at World Market a few months ago and loved it right away, but I didn’t buy it because I’m indecisive and cheap. Anyway, I mentioned it to my mom and she ended up buying it for me for Christmas! She’s cool like that.

I love how it looks in the room. There’s no mistaking the time with a big-ass clock like that! For those of you who are interested, I don’t see it listed online any longer, but still it might be available in stores. On a somewhat related note, this glass apothecary bird jar was also a Christmas present (from my aunt). I liked it so much that I went out and bought the larger one so I’d have the set. They are also from World Market. I love that place!

Did anyone else get any home d├ęcor Christmas presents this year?


  1. Nice piece, definitely fits in that space better than its predecessor. I like how that clock totally transformed the little corner. Great piece!

  2. You picked the right kind and size for this wall Sam!

  3. I love that clock! It's looks so great with the rest of your decor. Those apothecary jars are super cute too.


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