2014 Home/Life Goals Finale

Happy 2015! Today we’re looking back at the goals I made last year to see what I accomplished/what I slacked on. You can see my 2014 Home/Life Goals post here and my mid-year recap here

#1 Finish a Room (or Two)

So, the living room and office still aren’t complete…but they are closer to being finished than they were at the end of the year. So that kinda counts, right? Also, I almost finished the laundry room and master bathroom last year. I guess those don’t really count either because they aren’t finished, but they look a billion times better than they did at the start of the year. So, basically I didn’t finish any rooms this year like I had hoped to, but the house looks better than it did a year ago, so we’ll say I was somewhat successful.

#2 Landscape the Backyard

Welp, this was a big fat fail! We didn’t get to the backyard last year, so it still looks terrible. At one point the weeds were so high that you could barely see the dogs when they were out there. This one will definitely be a 2015 goal!

#3 Call for Help

I’m happy to announce that I was actually fairly successful on this goal. I did get the drywall professionally repaired around the house and I’m so happy with the results. I didn’t end up calling a electrician because I’m still trying to decide what to do about the dining room light fixture, so I’m holding off for now.


OK, now let’s review my “life” goals from last year.

#1 Live Healthier

I actually did pretty well on this goal last year. I didn’t exercise nearly enough, but I did eat a lot healthier and lost the extra weight I put on the year before. I survived two months of no flour/sugar/carbs/anything good and felt amazing. I couldn’t live that strict over the long haul, but it was a nice reset and I lost 15 lbs! I’m going to add a similar goal for 2015, so I’ll be encouraged to keep it up!

#2 Enjoy Life

This one is kind of hard to judge, but I feel like I did pretty well. I started the year completely stressed out at work and on the verge of quitting my job. Luckily I moved to another position in March and I’m so much happier. In July my boyfriend and I went to Alaska to fish the salmon run. That trip was completely out of my comfort zone, but I ended up having an amazing time (we’re still eating the salmon we caught). It was a good lesson for me to try new things. Speaking of trying new things, I also joined a bowling league with my boyfriend and 2 friends. I wasn’t that excited about it, but it turned out to be so much fun and I ended up looking forward to bowling every Thursday night. It was also a great way to get me out of my weeknight rut. I’m a creature of habit, so it’s good for me to mix it up once in awhile. Although I feel pretty good about my 2014 progress, I’m planning on adding a similar goal this year.

Overall I was only somewhat successful with my 2014 goals. However, I had a pretty great year, so I can’t complain. I definitely did better with my life goals than I did with my home goals, which is probably how it should be. I’m still putting together my goals for 2015, so you'll have to wait a couple more weeks for that post, but I'll be back on Fridday to share a fun project I did over break!


  1. Great post, I like that you have found so many positives in your life over the past year. The little things will all fall into place this year. I can't wait to see what light fixture you will pick for the dining area.

  2. Hi there! I just found your blog! I have to applaud you on the two months of no flour/sugar/carbs/anything good!! That must have been really hard! However, hard things like that always end up feeling so great. I did something very similar and felt amazing.. Then those darn holidays came and ruined it ;)


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