Exploring AZ: Wildlife World Zoo

Today I’m bringing back the Exploring AZ series and sharing our trip to the Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield Park, AZ! My boyfriend and I visited the zoo during Christmas break and we had a great time. It was definitely worth the hour drive.

First, I want to say that this place is huge! I’d never been before, so I had no idea it would be so big. My boyfriend said he’d been there as a kid, but it wasn’t nearly as large back then. You’ll definitely need a few hours to see everything. I also recommend bringing cash if you want to do any of the rides or activities. You’ll also need quarters if you want to feed the ducks or giraffes.

We started the day at the aquarium part of the zoo. They have everything from seahorses to sharks to otters. They also have a touch tank, which is always fun for kids and adults. We lucked out and arrived right when they were feeding the sea lions, so that was a fun start to the day.

We decided to work our way counter-clockwise around the park, so we started with the birds and monkeys. They have SO many birds at this zoo and I’m scared of birds, so I didn’t love that part. I did love the monkeys and they were pretty active, so it was entertaining.

Next were the tigers…and I have a great story to share about the white tiger! There’s one section of the enclosure where you can get pretty close to the fence and we were standing there with a few other people. The tiger started walking towards us. It got all the way up to the fence, then turned around and sprayed one of the guys in the group next to us! The tiger must not have liked his green shirt! Imagine spending the rest of the day in a tiger-pee soaked shirt!

From there we continued on past more birds, Dragon World, and the rhino. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a very good view of him because they were cleaning (or maybe rebuilding) his enclosure, so he was closed off further away. The skyride was nearby so we decided to jump on and tour the zoo from the sky. It’s $4/person and well worth it, in my opinion. The ride took about 15 minutes and we got some great views of the animals, especially the kangaroos.

Once we got off the skyride headed towards the giraffes. We passed zebras and camels on the way. Hump day!  Whoop whoop!

And then we fed the giraffes! They have quarter-machines that dispense a small handful of pellets to feed the giraffes. I love giraffes, so this was one of my favorite parts.

We decided to stop for lunch before walking through the safari park. We ate at one of the cafes and the food was expensive, but was actually not too bad. The burgers and fries were better than the ones in the cafeteria at work. Anyway, the last big section of the park was the safari section. They have everything from warthogs to baboons to hyenas.

The last part of the park was the leopards, more primates, and the porcupine.

And finally our last stop was the kangaroo walkabout. Seriously, there’s a roped off path through the kangaroo enclosure! I was a little nervous about getting the shit kicked outta me, but they were pretty much all sleeping. This guy was my favorite – “draw me like one of your French girls”.

Long story short – we had a great time at the zoo! Note: If you are planning on going, check Groupon first. It seems like they have deals for admission fairly often and we ended up saving $16 that way. I've also seen discounted tickets at Del Taco. You can find more details about the zoo here

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  1. So much fun! That last pic of the kangaroo is awesome haha


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