His & Hers Gallery Wall

It’s finally done! I feel like I’ve been working on this gallery wall forever!

When I first started planning the room I really wanted to make the office a place my boyfriend and I could both enjoy. Since we decided to build one long desk to share (more details here), I figured that would be the perfect place to incorporate both of our interests. So I decided to hang a his/hers gallery wall over the desk – items he loves on his side and items I love on my side, separated by the TV.

My boyfriend loves fishing, so on his side I hung a large fishing lure from Hobby Lobby, a picture of the lake, and an “I’d Rather Be Fishing” sign (more details here). He’s also a big Nebraska football fan, so I added a Huskers parking sign that I found at the swap meet. The number 14 sign represents his high school football number (more details here). He was the quarterback in a small town, so those were definitely his glory days.

My side of the wall has a few pieces with special meaning, but mostly they are just pretty/fun things - such as the metal bicycle from Hobby Lobby and the butterfly specimen art from IKEA. I made the Eiffel Tower wood shim art (more details here) in celebration of our Paris trip and the framed picture of the Palace of Westminster/Big Ben/Westminster Abbey is from our time in London. I finished off my side with some cute bunting because who doesn’t like bunting?!


I added our initials and an ampersand above the TV to tie our sides together. I love how it all turned out!

It’s been awhile since we looked at the ol’ to-do, so let’s see where I’m at now:

Sell old desk on Craigslist
Clean out room
Paint stripes
Replace outlets and switches with white ones
Build desk
Paint chairs 
Buy file cabinets
Cords/modem/router solution
Mount TV on the wall
Create a gallery wall around the TV
Build pallet artwork
Additional artwork
Sew curtains
Buy sleeper sofa
Buy end table
Buy dresser?
Paint dresser
Sew pillows
Add accessories 


  1. It turned out super cute! Love the idea of have a his and hers side.

  2. Super cute!!!!!! I bet your both very happy with this!

  3. I love the cute bunting too! It turned out fabulous

  4. I love your wall! That is so cute :)


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