Bye-Bye Brass + How-To

When I painted my front door last December I ended up replacing the dated brass hardware with new satin nickel knobs and locks. I had every intention of replacing all of the interior knobs soon after…10 months later, it’s done! 

Originally I thought about just spray painting the knobs, but I decided not to after realizing the knobs weren’t all matching, about half of them have keyholes (I don’t have the key), and a couple of them were dented, so I’d have to replace some of the knobs anyway.  For me, it was worth buying all new knobs.

Plus, this project ended up being free (for me)…let me explain how:
The company I work for gives out “pride points” as a reward for working on special projects, going above and beyond your job duties, supporting a successful project, etc. A point is equivalent to $1 and can be cashed in for merchandise or gift cards. On top of that, our company hosted a fitness challenge over the summer and gave out Amazon gift cards to everyone who successfully completed the challenge and reached their goal.  

SOOOOO, with my stash of gift cards I bought new door knobs…exciting, I know!  
I used $75 worth of Lowe’s gift cards to buy the first 5 knobs (3 for bed/bathrooms and 2 closet knobs). Then I used my Amazon gift card to buy 4 more bed/bathroom knobs and 1 closet knob. Even without the gift cards, this project would have only cost about $140. I don’t think that’s too bad for something that completely modernizes your home. 

For those of you who want more how-to details, here ya go:
First, remove the old knob. Don’t forget the strike plate on the door frame! Just unscrew 6 screws (in any order) and you’re done!

Next, use 2 of the short screws to attach the bolt mechanism to the door.

Now it’s door knob time. Both sides of the knob should easily fit together through the bolt mechanism. Use the 2 long screws to attach the knobs. If you pull the knobs apart a little, you can see the holes and it’s easier to line up the screws.

Again, don’t forget the strike plate on the door frame!

If you get confused, look at one of your other doors to see which direction the pieces should go.

Honestly, I’m sure most of you can figure out how to replace a door knob by yourself. It’s not that complicated. I’m mostly sharing these instructions so you can see how it easy it is. Don’t be scared to do it yourself! Once you replace a couple of them and get into the groove, you’ll be able to remove and install a knob in about 5 minutes. Seriously, you can do the whole house in under an hour (unless you live in a mansion with lots of bedrooms/bathrooms)! 



  1. What a simple way to upgrade your home! I need to do this to some rooms in our house too.

  2. Need to do this bad, as much as I love gold and brass, I don't like it on my knobs and believe me, I have plenty to practice on. Thanks sam!

  3. I am in love with gold and brass jewelry. That stuff is perfect for fall and looks great with plaid, or leather, or a nice white sweater. But doors? Who are we foolin! It looks terrible awful. So I love what you have done! I think it is super amazing. It looks more "you" and more grown up. I know I keep saying that but with each post I feel like I see more and more of your personality coming out in your home. Best thing ever.


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