Craigslist Couch

Actually, the title should probably be ‘Craigslist Loveseat’ but that doesn’t flow nearly as well as ‘Craigslist Couch’. 

For the past year I’ve been searching Craigslist listings for a sleeper sofa/loveseat. I was looking for something neutral, about 6 feet long, like-new condition, and less than $400. Most of the couches for sale were either really dated/worn looking or too large for the space…or too expensive. Finally last week I came across this picture: 
At first glance it wasn’t much to look at and I almost dismissed it, but the “like-new La-Z Boy, bed never used” description and $250 price tag caught my eye. Looking closer I noticed it was 2-cushions wide (so it’d probably fit my space) and the arms had nice clean lines. So I sent an e-mail asking how long the couch was, if it was a non-smoking home, and what was under the blanket – any stains, rips, holes. The reply said it was 6 feet long, he didn’t smoke, and the blanket was just to protect the couch and the fabric was in excellent condition. It sounded perfect, but with Craigslist you never until you see it in person.  
As it turns out, the couch really was like-new and the seller was one of the nicest people I’ve ever dealt with on Craigslist! We bought the couch without hesitation and he helped us load it in the truck (it was WAY too heavy for me to lift). My boyfriend’s brother met us at our house and helped carry it into the office. And just like that – new (to us) couch!
Of course I still need to replace the throw pillows, but I love it! It fits the space perfectly! Plus it opens up into a full-size bed! It’ll be so nice to have an extra bed when we have friends or family stay over.  
And most importantly, it’s Ringo-approved! I found him sleeping on it the other night while we were all watching TV in the living room.  
And with that, I’m one step closer to finishing the office! 


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  1. Wow - that couch looks so nice! That was really smart to get a sleeper couch. We got both of our couches from Craigslist too, love them.


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