Shopping Trip: Target

Who’s ready for another virtual shopping trip?!
Today we’re stopping at Target – one of my favorites! I love Target and it’s only 3 miles from my house…very dangerous for the ol’ pocketbook. I swear I can’t leave that store without buying something!

Let’s start the trip off with some bright pops of color for your kitchen/home.  I want the yellow bowl in the middle, but of course it’s one of the few things in this picture not on clearance. Right now it’s $16.49 – the smaller version is on clearance for $7.48.

These metal canisters are also on clearance. How cute would this set look on a kitchen counter?! They are a steal at $3.98, $4.98, and $6.48, respectively.

I love these placemats! I’ve almost bought them multiple times – like they were in my cart, but then I put them back because I’m too indecisive - $3.99 each.

Originally $39.99 each, these glass lamps are marked down to $11.98. Great price for lamps…if they were taller, they’d be mine.

My kind of plant! It stays green forever; no watering required! I want one of these for the shelves on my entertainment center - $19.99.

These lanterns are huge and I love them! They would look great indoors or out. For the size, I think they are a great deal for $24.99.

I love this vintage camera bookend! It would look so cute holding up books on my entertainment center - $14.99

Tufting and nailhead trim?! The bench hits all the right notes – and it opens for storage. AND look at those cute little feet! Yours for $89.99.

I love these soap pumps; I look at them every time I go to Target! I would buy one, but I prefer foaming soap…sigh. The short and the tall soap pumps are $9.99.

This yellow bathroom rug ($24.99) is so cute and cheerful. It makes me want to re-do one of my bathrooms so I can use it. Actually, I just pictured the soap pump from above and this rug in my bathroom…now I really have the urge to do an update…

Sheer panels are a great way to add some privacy to your windows without blocking the natural light. I love these patterned sheers - a great alternative to the usual plain ones. $19.99/panel.

OK, now after all of that goodness it’s time to show you what I bought:
2 ikat-print pillows for the living room -on clearance for $9.99 (originally $19.99).

Looks like Ringo approves!
I'm also seriously considering buying that soap pump and rug for my master bathroom...

OK, let’s hear it – which item(s) is your favorite? Do you already own any of them?

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  1. Great items! I like the pillows that you got too. I love clearance at Target. :)

  2. Good stuff!! Oh how I miss Target.....

  3. I definitely have those same kitchen canisters... but in teal of course. I bought a little white one for puppy treats. I hate how the boxes of treats look. haha. Love target!

  4. Hi there! I am a new reader :) My money goes to die at Target. I literally have to avoid it for as long as possible, because I always buy way too much! I wanted to let you know that I have that soap pump (3 the kitchen and both bathrooms). While it is totally adorable and has a vintage touch that I love, it's kind of awkward to use. The soap shoots directly out so fast, usually ricochets off my hands and I've gotten it in my eye on more than one occasion :( My husband can't stand them for that reason. If you end up buying it, hope you have better luck!

  5. I went to Target today, too. I didn't buy anything. I wish I saw those pillows, really cute and a great price.

  6. I love target clearance! I was also checking out those colorful bowls the other day. I say go buy the rug! I wonder if you could put the top of your foaming soap onto some glass jar and get the same kind of look with sacrificing your foam :)

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

  7. That ottoman is unbelievable. Every time I go I see something different and when people post great pics of stuff at Target, I go and it's not the same things! Guess that means I just have to go more often! no problem!
    Ringo is adorable!

  8. Always happy to find a fellow Target junkie! I actually bought those white canisters for a recent project! The price was insane. I'm your newest follower and can't wait to see your rug reveal as well.

  9. There's nothing like a stroll through Target to make you feel the world is a friendly place. Thanks for taking us along. Great choices.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving a cute comment. I'm enjoying reading about your rug painting challenge.

  10. i love the ikat pillows!

    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie


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