Rug Painting Party – Week 1

I’m excited to announce that I’m joining up with some amazing bloggers for a three week rug painting challenge - created by Linda from My Crafty Home Life.  Today we are all sharing our plans and inspiration, next week we’ll share our progress, and two weeks from now will be the big reveals. You can find a list of the other participating blogs at the bottom of the post – be sure to check them out!
I joined the party because my house is in desperate need of some rugs. The guest bathroom is the only room in the whole house with a rug! While I’d love to add rugs around the house, that ain’t gunna happen until the pups are a little older. They are both potty trained, but they both have the occasional accident – they can only wait by the back door for someone to let them out for so long...I know, our fault.
That being said, my plan is to paint a rug for the kitchen – by the sink. I feel like I spend half the night in the kitchen, so it’d be nice for my feet to have a break from the tile. I’ve had the perfect kitchen-sink-sized IKEA rug laying around for months now  (I think it’s this HESSUM mat, but it’s been so long since I bought it, I’m not even sure).

As for my plan, I’m torn between stripes and a Moroccan-ish pattern. Or I’m considering a “paint by number” approach on the existing herringbone pattern of the rug. I don’t want anything too bold that’ll compete with my roman shades, but I still want something fun.

So while I haven’t decided on a pattern yet, I’ve definitely decided on colors – gray and white. I think those 2 colors will look great with the fabric on the roman shades.

And if I want to move the rug, I’ll work everywhere else in the house.

So that’s my plan of attack, but don't forget to check out the other participating blogs for their projects! I bet there are going to be some seriously amazing rugs revealed in two weeks!


  1. Just bought that rug!

    Stripe that shiz! It'll look totally cute. Plus the moroccan can be really hard to repaint if you ever have to where as the stripes would be easy to fix up.

    Also stripes are less competition with other patterns in the room (like the curtains). Tis my opinion. Keep up all this craftyness! I love it.

  2. I vote for the paint-by- numbers. It will be so cool. Good luck!

  3. I love your idea of the paint by numbers. That would look ah-mazing. Can't wait to see what you do!!

  4. My rug is similar and I totally thought of the paint by numbers, easy and it would look fabulous!!

  5. I vote for the paint by numbers too. Good luck!
    Btw, I have the same suzani curtains in my kitchen. :)

  6. Paint by numbers! Brilliant ~ My kinda' gal! Loven' your colors, too.


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