Craft Room Lighting

Today I’m dreaming of beautiful new light fixtures for my craft room makeover…
Unfortunately, the room is small and stuffy, so I’m kinda forced to keep the ceiling fan that is currently hanging in there. But a girl can dream, so here are some lights that I’m lovin’ from Mail Order Lighting.
I love this white flower pendant. It’s fun and whimsy…and would look great with my newly-painted white shelves.

This flower pendant is similar to the one above, but is a little more modern and blingy. I like the black chrome finish on this one.

OK, some might think that this is a little over the top…but I’d LOVE to have a chandelier in my craft room! 

OK, how about this one? Not nearly as flashy as the previous one, but still has that chandelier vibe…and it has that black chrome finish that I liked above.

And finally, this one - still kinda flashy, but in a different way. It’s definitely a little more fun and whimsy than a typical chandelier.

I think the first one is my favorite. Which one do you like? Anyone else stuck with ceiling fans, but dreaming of beautiful light fixtures?


  1. I like them all. That first one would look perfect.

  2. First one is my favorite too!! So pretty and whimsical- perfect for a craft room!

  3. I like the first, but I wonder how much light it would give off.

    We have fans in every room, but we use them, so yep--we're stuck!

  4. I love that first one two - so fun for a craft room!

  5. I don't think a chandelier is over the top for a craft room. Although, it depends on the craftroom :)

    A lot of these fixtures could be sort of Ikea-hacked. There's lots of options once you start customizing Ikea pieces.


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