S.A. Bummer

Picture this: It’s Saturday morning and I’m heading out to do my usual Saturday thrift shopping. I’m driving down Broadway (the street name sound much more glamorous that it really is) towards my usual first stop – the Salvation Army. I get into the turning lane and wait for a few cars to pass. Then I pull into the parking lot and see this:
NOOOOO! (Yes, I yelled that out loud to myself)
My favorite Salvation Army store is closed forever and I’m completely bummed! It was one of my favorite furniture stops and I was convinced I’d eventually find the most amazing piece of furniture ever there…and it’d be really cheap. The buffet I’ve been searching for forever – I thought for sure I’d find it there one day…
Remember this amazing thrift store find?

I bought it there…and for only $26!
Sigh. Now I need to revise my Saturday thrifting routine.

In other news, I’m crazy busy at work, so please excuse the blog slacking. By the time I get home I’m exhausted and just want to eat dinner/watch TV. However, I have made really good progress on my craft room over the past 2 weekends. I’m planning a post later this week to show you where I’m at with the project!


  1. Total bummer!!! But first let me tell you how jealous I am that you even have a Saturday thrift schedule!!! My Saturday mornings usually include a spilled bowl of Cheerios, power rangers, and usually a couple yelling fits. What's even worse is I don't have kids.....Just kidding! That would be weird...and I am definitely so not weird......

  2. Oh how sad. I'm sorry for your loss, but you know those who donated there now have to donate somewhere else. The question is where? You'll have to eagle eye any thrift shops close by.

  3. Maybe you bought all the good stuff!

    Seriously, the thrift stores here, even in the nice town next to us have nothing. I see all sorts of repurposed items on blogs, but I can never find the materials.

    Perhaps I just don't have the eye...

  4. Shoot - that really is tragic!! Cassandra does make a good point, people who donated there will now just donate somewhere else close to you (just hope that thrift store has good prices too!!)

    Looking forward to seeing the craft room!

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

  5. That's so junky!
    Grrr....I absolutely can't stand it when things just disappear. Like, no one called you? Shouldn't there be a list of people to warn or something?!!?

  6. Taking away the Salvation Army store.... damn it. There should be like a thrift store emailing list for neighborhoods/areas where all the Goodwills, SA's, etc etc hook up to email out news, events and promos. That would be awesome.


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