Home Goals 2012 Revisited

We are officially halfway through the year, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to check on the status of the home goals I made back in January.

It’s almost been a year, time for my house to stop looking/feeling like I just moved in!
This means I will finish unpacking boxes and actually make some decorating decisions.  Instead of waiting for the perfect piece I need to start using what I have. I can always update/replace things, but for now, something would look better than nothing.
OK, I think I’m actually doing pretty well with this one. I’ve unpacked almost everything…except about half a box worth.  So, I’m officially (almost) moved in!
As for the house, I think it’s starting to feel homier and less embarrassing to show off. I think the new entertainment center, removing that stupid old mirror, and finally hanging curtains really helped give the main living area some style.  

Of course there’s still a huge empty wall in the living room that needs some attention…

Stop being a cheap ass and spend some of the money I’ve been hoarding!
I’ve been saving money for a couple big projects/furniture pieces, but I’ve yet to act on any of them. I’m planning to:
Extend the Back Patio
Buy a New Couch
Buy a New Entertainment Center
And I’m planning to use my yearly bonus (depending on the amount) to replace my stove and microwave to match the other kitchen appliances.
I’m doing pretty well with #2 too. We just had the back patio extended, so I can cross that one off the list.

I also bought (and decorated) a new entertainment center for the living room. I haven’t bought a new couch yet, but it’s still on the list.
As for the appliances, we’ve replaced the microwave, but not the stove.

The stove is definitely next on my to-buy list. The kitchen is going to look so nice once all the appliances finally match.

This one is going to be hard because I love stuff!
However, I don’t like dusting stuff. And I’m starting to feel like I’ve accumulated too much stuff! My boyfriend and I recently dropped off 2 boxes and 1 trash bag full of stuff to the Goodwill…it’s a good start, but I’m sure we have more.
I’ve been working really hard to keep up with this one. I recently cleaned out my closet and cleaned up the craft room. After all was said and done, my Goodwill load included: 3 boxes of stuff, 3 trash bags of clothes/shoes/purses, and 2 large mirrors.

The back of my little Rogue was loaded with stuff…and it felt so good. I definitely have more opportunities to simplify and will keep working at it for the rest of the year. 

Stop apologizing for my house!
We work full-time and have a puppy – our house isn’t going to be perfect. It will get messy and things will be out of order. I need to remember that.
And I think we all know DIY projects take time. I can’t expect everything to happen overnight. This year I want to stop being embarrassed about the things that need to be fixed and start enjoying the fact that I have my own house. I know I’m very lucky and I want to try and be more appreciative of that.
This needs to be re-written to say puppies!
I can’t imagine not having Ringo and Abby in my life, but they are messy little critters! The floor always needs to be mopped, everything is covered in dog hair, and some of my furniture is chewed up, but that’s life. Things don’t always look magazine-worthy in real life and I’m trying really hard to accept that fact.

Overall, I’d say I’m doing pretty well keeping to my goals. We’ll check back at the end of the year and see how things turned out…
Did you make any 2012 Home Goals? Are you making progress on any of them? Hit any road blocks?


  1. Eh, life happens. I think people understand a messy house. I always "Sorry about the mess, but we live here". :) I too am holding onto money that I just can't bring myself to actually spend. Excited to see what changes the next few months bring!

  2. One of my favorite things is to see what people do to their homes over time.* I remember my aunt's house had the most awful wallpaper in each room, and she would walk us through and explain what she was going to change. Little by little, she got there, and I'm sure she's gone through it all again since that was some time ago.

    Give yourself time, having a home is always a work in progress.

    As for the couch, make sure you don't buy a tasty one this time around.

    *And that's why I love your blog!

  3. This is why we are friends. Your house is cute! Curtains fabulous! And smart move on waiting on the couch til the puppies are all grown up-ish. It took me 4 years to get my house in a presentable proud state and even now there's things I "coulda woulda" I wish I would have started a blog early like you did. You're doing great on your list!

    PS now that the mirror is gone I still wanna see the living room!

  4. You are doing really well Sam


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