The Dog House

Ringo has been spending a lot more time outside after chewing up my couch. He’s no longer allowed in the house unsupervised. But don’t feel too bad for him – we have a HUGE backyard and thanks to my mom, he has his own house.

1 bedroom/0 bath – 6 sq ft…perfect for our little pup

My mom won the dog house at a silent auction just before Christmas. Yes, it was one of his Christmas presents. And yes, she wrapped it for him.
(I had to bribe him with treats to get this picture)

If you are interested, this is his house. And no, Ringo and I aren’t getting paid to share this product.


  1. Probably a good idea to let him hang out outside since he ate the couch beyond repair... I like his little house! It even has windows!

    Maybe I could make a house for my cats!

    Just kidding. hehe. It looks really cute though! Yay!

  2. My husband and I have chatted about getting a dog, but the costs of it are too much right now--not even including couches.

    But...I've said the dog would be crate kept at night, and Brad (the tough guy) says no! Hm,we may never get a dog!

  3. Yikes! Queenies are one of the hardest kinds of dog to keep! One of my dogs is 1/2 queensland heeler and I cannot trust him outside, of all places. He barks (and barks and barks and barks) and has escaped before. My yard is just not secure enough.....

  4. I don't blame you, Sam! Bailey is always supervised I just don't trust her! :) She does go outside during the day if no one is home. She has a nice house too, but now, she is eating and chewing up her house!!! It's a plastic, like Ringo's too! I'll have to post a picture sometime-crazy! Bailey also has a "blankie" just like Ringo's same color and everything....but I am not sure how long she will have it....she is chewing on the little ties! Uhhhggg!

    Take care, Sam!

  5. Ringo is definitely a dog who needs a job to keep out of trouble.
    Tell your mom I think she is very cool (meaning priceless) and tell Ringo to appreciate the love he is being shown.


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