September – A Look Back

I just realized I haven’t done my monthly recap since May

I felt like such a slacker this month because I sucked at posting regularly, but looking back I see that I actually did finish a lot of projects (including my first finished room).  I guess that’s why it’s a good idea to do a monthly recap! I don’t want to just rehash old news, so I’ve included a few new pictures! Keep an eye out for those.
Now, let’s reminisce.

Part 1 of my nightstand project was completed - I painted a pair of yard sale nightstands from pink to black.  

We spent Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas.

I co-hosted the Crafty Scrappy Happy Me Thursday Party with Jaime.

I teased some PIPs
(projects in progress).
And then finished one of them!
The blog got a little navigation makeover. And then that makeover got a makeover.
The biggest accomplishment: I finally finished the bathroom! And shared all the deets!

And we got a puppy (which explains lack of posts and completed projects)!

I have some BIG plans for October, so hopefully it’ll be bigger and better than September! They say October is the best time of the year to plant fruit trees in Phoenix…hint hint…

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