Hot Pink and Zebra Banner

A few weeks ago my boyfriend’s niece’s bedroom was redecorated – hot pink and zebra! Her 5th birthday was on Saturday, so I wanted to make her something special for her birthday and new room. 

(Yes, I’m actually posting a kid craft project…don’t get used to it!)

If you have a fancy machine, I’m sure this project will be a lot faster/easier.

Old School – No Fancy Machine Directions:

coordinating scrapbook paper (Her name is 8 letters, I used 8 different prints)
letters (I used punch-out letters on clearance at Michael’s)
glue stick
tulle (or ribbon)

Step 1
Find 2 different sized round objects that fit your letters. I used saucers from my grandma’s china.

Step 2
Trace circles onto back of scrapbook paper and cut out.

Step 3
Coordinate and layout the circles and letters in the order you want.

Step 4
Glue circles together and then glue letter on top.

Step 5
Punch 2 holes in the outer circle.

Step 6
Tie all the letters together with the tulle (or ribbon).

Step 7
Add tulle (or ribbon) to the ends so the banner can be hung.

Step 8
Pat yourself on the back. Job well done.


  1. It looks great - and has the added advantage that it can be re-used every year!

  2. that's one down from your secret project preview! cute stuff!


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