Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Before I start, can we all agree that taking pictures of mirrors in rooms with no natural light is like the hardest thing ever? So don’t judge the awesomeness of the new mirrors by my lacking photography skillz!
This is the last part of the bathroom makeover reveal! If you missed the previous parts you can read them here, here, here, here, and here.
As promised, today we’re talking mirrors. When I bought the house this bathroom featured a lovely (sarcasm) builder-grade mirror and tetanus medicine cabinet (that thing was rusty and gross).

(Yep, that’s me)
So, when we painted the room I ripped out the old medicine cabinet and had my dad replace it with a new one.
(Continue on for “after” pictures)
That was definitely the easy part!
The large (6’ x 3.5’) mirror survived for a few more months…until last Friday night when I decided it needed to come down that very minute. I was on my way to my boyfriend’s house when I decided to tear it down. Umm, big mistake.
Words of Wisdom: Those mirrors are way heavier than they look.
Long story short, I got the mirror down by myself, but I’d definitely recommend 2 people for this task. Like HIGHLY recommend 2 people.

The next day I painted (3 coats!) over the space where the mirror had been. You can still kind of see the outline of the mirror, but that’s a project for another year day.
I found a framed mirror at Bed Bath & Beyond for $39.99. I found a similar mirror at Home Depot for $69.99, so I thought the mirror at BB&B was a pretty good deal (plus they always send out 20%-off coupons). After being indecisive for a day (per usual), I bought the mirror and hung it up.
(measurement FAIL)
I didn’t really like the color, so I decided to paint the frame black.

Gray primer, black paint, and a little poly later I had this:

Moment of silence for the builder-grade mirror and tetanus cabinet?
No? OK, without further ado:

*swoon* I wanted to show y’all how awesome it looks with the black vanity, but that’d ruin the final reveal, so you’ll just have to wait for that part.

Double beveled beauty!

Medicine Cabinet – Home Depot $30.60
Mirror – Bed Bath & Beyond $39.99 $31.99
Primer – Wal-Mart $3.24
Spray Paint – Wal-Mart $3.24
Poly – On Hand

Total $69.07


  1. Love your taste!

    My husband and I have decided we don't want to give up the big mirrors, so he's going to frame them in one of these days. He loves a good project, and he has a good list of them going!

  2. The mirror looks great! And I love the DIY bin too! Very creative. I love your ideas! You have so much imagination! I just awarded you the 'versatile blogger' award http://myhandcraftedhome.blogspot.com/2011/08/officially-versatile.html
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Ahhh another thing on the master bath list! I've got this horrendous mirror that is *randomly* located on the wall right next to another mirror that is held up by... decorative nails. Sounds safe right? I need to replace it with a better mirror... guess I'll be going to BB&B for a new mirror!

    Yay for redoing icky bathrooms!


  4. Ugg, I hate those builder mirrors and we have them through out our whole house. Question? Was your mirror glued or screwed to the wall? We attempted to remove one in our guest bathroom and it was so stuck to the wall it came off in broken pieces, then we had to smash it into more pieces to get the rest off, and then it totally ruined all the dry wall (so you can tell yet why we haven't replaced all the other ones yet? Hubby was not happY!)

  5. You have done such a lovely job! You are so creative :) We think you would love some of our photos for your newly re-vamped home. Take a look! http://www.etsy.com/shop/chezjolly

  6. Fantastic job! Builder mirrors are a pet peeve of mine...since I live in an apartment, that's all I've ever had. :) I'm glad I finally got a chance to stop by your blog! I look forward to keeping up with your projects!


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