Stripes, Navy, and Paisley

Are you ready for the next part of the bathroom makeover? Last week I announced that I was going to feature a different part of the makeover each week until the big reveal. If you missed part 1 (paint) and part 2 (ORB glass jars) you can check them out here and here.
Now onward!
This week I’m going to show off all the “linens” that were added to the room.
Starting with my favorite: the shower curtain!

I’d originally wanted one with bold navy and white stripes, but I couldn’t find one…and then I found this one at Target. It’s perfect! And I had a gift card, so it was free to me!
Next up are the towels.

I didn’t get my navy shower curtain, but I did get my navy towels! I found these at Kohl’s. They were half-off plus I had a $10 off $10 purchase coupon, so I scored a great deal on them.
And finally, the rug.

Honestly, I like the rug, but I don’t love it. It’s not the exact look I was going for. But a rug definitely finishes a space and for only $20 it’ll hold me over until I find what I really want.
I am loving how the bathroom is turning out. I can’t believe it used to look like this:


Next week I’m going to show y’all what this looks like now.


  1. I love your color choices!

    (I mentioned you in my blog post today...)

  2. i'm intrigued...can't wait to see the finished product!


  3. I'm loving the black & white curtain and the navy towels! Can't wait to see it all together. Go you!

  4. I love the black and white curtain too! You must be feeling soooooooooo good to have such a beautiful bathroom in the making! Congrats!


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