You’ve all seen MTV Cribs, right? And y’all know how every episode the celeb shows off what’s in their fridge?
Kim K

We’ll this is my pitiful version of that.

No, I don’t really live off of margaritas, wine, and cherries…my damn fridge went out over the weekend!
I noticed on Saturday that the candy bar I had stashed in the freezer wasn’t as hard as usual, but I didn’t think much about it. Then, Sunday morning my mom (she was visiting) tells me that the fridge is warm and the freezer is cool, but not freezing temps...sigh. So, we quickly packed everything (except the booze) and took it to my boyfriend’s.
I bought the fridge 5 months ago, so it’s still under warranty, but of course the service center isn’t open on Sundays. Long story short, the repair guy came Tuesday and of course they didn’t have the part, so I’m still waiting. Meanwhile he “fixed” it well enough that it should be good for a few days.  I don’t trust that enough to bring all my food back, but it’s good enough to stock up for a couple nights’ worth of dinners.

Lame. That’s all I have to say.

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