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I’ve been creeping around blogland for a couple days looking for some office inspiration. I found some great looking rooms, but when I saw Ten June’s striped office I knew that was exactly what I wanted.

I love, love, lurve this room. The stripes make me want to squeal with excitement. They posted the link to the painting tutorial they used and even shared their paint colors (Olympic's Dusty Trail and a complementary off white).
So long Purple Pooh; Hello stripes!
I also need a desk for my office. I don’t have one now because my apartment has a built-in desk/office area. I’ll be on the lookout for a desk like the one in my inspiration picture (LOVE it!) or one like this:

Oh, Pottery Barn…I love you, but I’m not paying $599 for a desk!
The plan: Find a fugly before desk and turn it into something amazing with a little paint.
Such as this refinished beaut that I found at Christina’s Adventures:

Next I’m going to need something to hold my TV (a necessity if I plan on actually using my treadmill) and all that other junk an office collects. I think a small armoire would be perfect. This armoire is larger than I’d probably want, but is the perfect color.

Because I don’t want to pay $1,299 for a glorified TV stand/junk holder, I think this will call for another refinishing job by yours truly.
Chalkboard/Bulletin Board
I’m currently on the hunt for a couple fancy frames to make a chalkboard and a bulletin board. These will be small enough projects to start as soon as I find the frames. Hopefully I’ll find some soon!

It seems like everyone has a frame makeover on their blog; it’s time for me to jump on the band wagon.

That’s all I have planned so far. Let me know what you think!


  1. Wow...I agree with you. This is an awesome room...I want one like it too!

    Thanks for your comment, Jessica

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my office, Sam! Horizontal stripes are not too hard to do and create SUCH a big look. Can't wait to see how your inspiration comes to reality! :)

  3. I love everything about your office inspiration, especially the striped walls. Can't wait to see pictures as your house comes along. Glad to be a follower of your blog!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog....those are some bright colors in your new house. Looking around your exciting to move into a house and get to redo it to your liking. Saw these stripes on your post in the office. Also look into using a flat and a high gloss in the exact same color......paint the entire room the flat...then do the stripes in the high looks so cool in the sunlight because you only catch glimpses of it at certain angles...thought I would share!



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