And the Oscar Goes to...

I wish.
I won’t be winning an Oscar anytime soon, but I have been given 2 awesome awards: The Stylish Blogger Award and The Versatile Blogger Award.


Thanks to Courtney at We Three Dyes, Alison at Stuff and Nonsense, and Trac at Welcome to Our World. You ladies are great and I appreciate that you thought of me! Please check out their blogs if you haven’t already.
The Rules:
1. Thank and link back to the people who awarded you these awards.
2. Tell everyone 7 random facts about yourself
3. Pass the award to 7 lovely bloggers
4. Contact each blogger and let them know you have passed this award onto them

7 Random Facts About Me:
1.   I’m terrified of birds…all birds, including chickens. I’m afraid of anything with a beak that could peck my eyes out. I’m not joking.

But…I love bird decorations! And the Bird is the Word Family Guy episode. And playing Angry Birds on my phone.

2.   I’d never had stitches or broken any bones until 2 years ago. Then one fateful hockey game I took a puck in the eye…it fractured my eye socket, busted my face open (I needed a total of 10 stitches), scratched my cornea, and of course gave me a black eye.

      You’re probably thinking, weren’t you watching the puck? Let me explain: My parents have season tickets to the minor league hockey team in their city. They used to be on the glass behind the players bench (we moved after I got hit). They were awesome seats, but you couldn’t see the corners very well. One of the opposing players was trying to clear the puck out of their zone and ended up lifting over the glass and into my face. I couldn’t see it coming from the angle I was at until it was too late to move. BAM!

3.   I L-O-V-E avocado. I’ll eat almost anything if it has avocado on it. One time I was watching Bizarre Foods and he was eating this thing that was like a fried tortilla with guacamole and dried grasshoppers on it (think guacamole/grasshopper tostada), and I honestly would be willing to try that.

4.   I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about what I would do if I won the lottery. I’ve already picked out my house.

I know…I need to get a life.

5.   I’m on my 4th week of Weight Watchers Online.

      I’m not overweight, but my weight has been slowly creeping up. My goal is to lose a few pounds, but mainly I want to learn to eat healthier. I tried doing it on my own, but without a structured program I was cheating pretty often. I’ve already noticed a difference when it comes to what I eat and not snacking because I’m bored.

6.   I hate it when people tell me how young I look and then tell me how I’ll appreciate it when I’m older. Thanks, I’m sure I will. But for now, it just makes me angry when I get carded buying an R rated movie.

7.   I went to college in a city that has a ski resort, but I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding. I don’t like the snow and I’m uncoordinated…it’s an accident waiting to happen. If I have to go out and “play” in the snow, you’ll find me sledding, building a snowman, or snowball fighting.

(that's me in the blue jacket and that's my snowball exploding in my friend's face)
Now it’s time to pass the award on. Rules were meant to be broken so I’m only picking 3 bloggers. I wanted to feature 3 great blogs that I’ve found recently and haven’t received an award yet (that I know of).
Stop by their blogs and leave some love. Don’t forget to visit the 3 lovely ladies who gave me this award.


  1. Hey Girl...Thank you for stopping by my blog and following im following u back!
    super cute blog!

    XOXO Andrea

  2. Thank you SO much for picking my blog to receive the awards...that makes me feel so special and honored. You're the best!

  3. THANK YOU!! I am really flattered! And I needed a little boost - been under the weather the last several days, so now I am motivated and ready to get back in the game!
    Thank you again, I do appreciate it!

  4. This post gave me chills...I almost took a puck in the eye at a hockey game once. It was very scary!!! I can't even imagine how it would have felt if it actually hit me! I am your newest follower from the Tuesday blog hops. I love your blog! You can find me at:

    Have a great day! :-)



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