Guest Bedroom Inspiration

I’m ditching the pink; blue wins! However, I’ll be replacing the bright blue wall color with a pale, icy blue. Such as this room:

Or this room:

It’s time for me to upgrade to a queen (or maybe king) sized bed. So, the full bed I’m currently sleeping on will become the guest bed. I love my Ikea headboard/footboard, so that’ll be moving to the guest room as well.

I already have a great bedding set; it's reversible! Right now I’m using this side of the comforter:

But for this room I'm going to flip it over:
I’m undecided about the nightstand. I currently have one of these (also from Ikea):

I haven’t decided if I want to keep that one, find a pair of nightstands or buy a small dresser for one side.  I love this piece from Always in Wonder:

Check her blog to see the transformation from beat up Craigslist dresser to the stunner pictured above.
For now, we’ll say Nightstand: TBD

Every bedroom needs a dresser, and I love this one from itz mitz (another awesome transformation):

And this one from Cottage Instincts (check out her blog of the “painting like a drunk person” tutorial):

I think it’d be such a fun pop of color. I’m on the lookout for a dresser that just needs a little TLC (and a fun new color).

So, that's my master plan for the guest bedroom. I'll decide on accessories and artwork once I get the room painted and furniture situated. What do you think? Any suggestions?



  1. Sam- hey thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog. And I love that you included my dresser for an inspiration piece for your room. You're awesome! I love the pale ice blue. And I reccomend a King or Cal-King size bed. After having to share my bed with my husband AND our 2 year old I think the bigger the bed the better. So happy you featured my piece and that you really like it. You made my day. :)

  2. Loving the inspiration[s]. Blue for the walls will look great! We have a shade of blue in our guest bath called 'Aqua Ice'... but I might repaint with a darker shade of blue [it's a bit to bright].

    Can't wait to see the whole space pulled together! :)

  3. Glad my dresser inspired ya! Did you know I sold that dresser on Craigslist the next day...and the buyer emailed me a week later to say she repainted it?!!!! Ugh. So glad I got pictures of it before she drove it away.

    I'll be following along your guest room transformation with interest :)

  4. Love the gorgeous Victorian style bed frame! You have fabulous taste.

  5. Thanks for featuring my dresser!!!!! And thanks for following me! I'm loving your ideas and I really like the underside of your comforter - what great bedding, 2 awesome looks!! :)

  6. Jennifer - Great suggestion! I think I will go with a king. I don't want to have to upgrade again in a few years.

    Cindy - Noooooooooo! I can't believe she repainted it. I don't want to sound over dramatic, but that breaks my heart!


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