'30 for 30'

Visit 4 States I've Never Been To - Utah, Idaho, Montana (July '16)
Run a 5K
Learn a New Language
Grow a Veggie Garden
Get a Makeover/Update Beauty Routine - Sephora 7/30/16
Explore Arizona 
Refinance House
Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride
Learn to Play Chess
Watch Top 10 Greatest Movies of All Time
Go White Water Rafting 
Send a Handwritten Note Each Month (8 for 8...100% so far)
Spoil Myself with Something Lovely
Visit 2 Museums Around Phoenix - 50% complete (AZ Museum of Natural History)
Organize/De-clutter the House
Ride a Zip Line
Learn How to Shoot in Manual/Photoshop 
Read 3 Classic Novels - 66% complete (To Kill a Mockingbird, The Old Man and The Sea)
Get Dressed Up and Splurge on a Fancy Meal
Hike a Mountain
Bake a Successful Batch of French Macaroons - baked Sept '16
Backup All My Photos
Get In Shape
Random Acts of Kindness
Take a Roadtrip - Arizona to Montana (July '16)
Sign Up for a Class (Interior Design/Pottery/Something Fun)
Visit 5 National Parks - Glacier NP, Rocky Mountain NP
Finish 2 Rooms in the House

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