August 2019 Notes

Remember me? I posted here regularly for years and then ghosted a few months ago? Well, I’m back, but I can’t say how regularly I’ll be posting. Honestly, I just got a little burnt out after realizing how fake some of the behind the scenes blog stuff is...I’m also pretty sick of trying to make everything perfectly  “pin-able” and worrying about if my Instagram feed is cohesive enough. So I decided to take a break to figure out what I want going forward. I still haven’t really decided, but I had a sponsored post that I had to share (read it here plus enter to win the giveaway) and I didn’t want that to be the last post hanging out there forever. 

Anyway, we have a lot to catch up on, but I’m just going to focus on August:

OK, I lied. I’m going to start with the end of July because we had a fabulous staycation and I MUST mention it. The last weekend of July we stayed at the Royal Palms Resort for a night getaway and it was amazing! One of my friends from high school/college works there and hooked us up with the best upgrade ever! We stayed in the Arcadia Villa and it was seriously the nicest “room” we’ve ever stayed in. I put room in quotes because the villa had a separate living room, bedroom, giant bathroom, and 2 private patios!

We also had dinner at T.Cook’s and everything was delicious! We both had steaks for dinner, plus mine came with Maine lobster risotto. I pretty much licked my plate clean. We also ordered breakfast room service the next morning. I’m still thinking about that avocado toast (topped with eggs, sundried tomatoes, and burrata).

During the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I order this pair of black dress pants and they are my new favorite pair! They’re the NYDJ Stretch Knit Trousers and they are unbelievably comfortable, like wearing yoga pants! I seriously love them so much I’d willingly pay full price ($120) whenever this pair needs to be replaced.

For our August date Adam and I went to the Musical Instrument Museum. It’s one of the highest rated activities in the Phoenix area and neither of us had ever been before. The Geographic Galleries is the highlight of the museum. It’s sectioned off into five major world regions (Africa/Middle East, Asia/Oceania, Europe, Latin America, and US/Canada). Within each of those section is an exhibit for each country featuring native instruments and audio/video of them being played. They give you a headset at the ticket counter and the headset automatically connects to each video when you stand in front of it. We stopped at almost every country and listened so we were there for hours!

One of my coworkers is pregnant, so a couple weeks ago I surprised her with a baby shower. She knew that a group of us were going to lunch, but she wasn’t expecting her cubicle to be decorated and all of the treats that people brought in. I’d been passing around a card and collecting money, so we surprised her with lots of gifts too. She was so happy and it was totally worth all of the time and effort. I made a diaper cake for the celebration and loved how it turned out!

My Fall 2019 FabFitFun box arrived a couple weeks ago and I’m obsessed with the lotion that was in the box. It’s the Human + Kind Body Souffle and it smells AMAZING! Apricot oil is one of the ingredients and that’s probably the best way to describe the scent. It’s also vegan, cruelty free, and paraben free. I’ve linked to it on Amazon (*affiliate link), but if you use Poshmark, you can probably find people selling their box items cheaper.

A couple weekends ago my mom and I went to California for the weekend to see my cousin’s band play. They were playing Friday night so we drove in that morning and meet my aunt and other cousin for dinner. When they arrived to set up, he was so surprised! It was totally worth the 5 hour drive. They also sound great and if you like rock music, check them out. They’re called The Fallen Electric and my cousin Jimmy is the lead singer.

While we were in California we also stopped at the La Brea Tar Pits. My mom said she’d been there on a school field trip many years ago, but I’d never been. WE LOVED IT! We did the extra Ice Age Encounters and Titans of the Ice Age 3D movie too. It’s pretty crazy how strongly the pits smell of asphalt! I guess it makes sense, but I definitely wasn’t expecting it. It was such a fun day!

Adam and I are going to NYC at the end of October! It’s our first time going, so I would love any tips/tricks and must-see/eat! We already have Crown tickets for the Statue of Liberty!

Adam and I are currently binge watching Veronica Mars. I’ve seen the old seasons and movie, but Adam hadn’t seen any of it. I had started to watch the new 4th season one night while he was busy, but then he sat down and started asking questions and talking during the show, so we decided to just start from the beginning so we could watch together. I’ve always been 100% Team Logan, but after rewatching, I’m kinda liking Piz more and I hate myself for saying that. Adam is totally team Piz and thinks Logan is a douchebag. He’s not wrong…

(ETA: We're now in the 4th season. I'm back to loving Logan and Adam even likes him now too)

National Dog Day was August 26th and it seemed like a perfect time to get an updated picture of my pack. It took A LOT of treats and outtakes, but I finally got a cute one of them all together.

What was noteworthy for you this month?

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