5 Teeth Whitening Facts + Giveaway

One of my 19 for 2019 goals is to whiten my teeth, so when Smile Brilliant contacted me about trying their product, it seemed meant to be. Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening process uses custom-fitted trays and dentist-strength whitening gel (plus desensitizing gel) to give you the whitest smile from the comfort of your own home.

I don’t drink coffee, but I did go through a daily cup of tea phase a couple years ago, so my teeth aren’t too bad, but they aren’t white either. I’m excited about the whitening progress I’ve seen so far, but it’s slow going due to tooth sensitivity (see #2 below). I’m still in the middle of the teeth whitening process so I don’t have full before/after pictures yet.

While I’m obsessing over the shade of my teeth, I thought it would be fun to share a few facts I’ve learned since working with Smile Brilliant. Do you remember the episode of Friends where Ross whitens his teeth and they end up so white that they glow in the dark? Fact #1 totally reminds me of that!

Disclaimer: I received a teeth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

1 | Perfectly White Teeth
Not all teeth will be perfectly white. Some people naturally have darker enamel and that cannot be changed with whitening products. The best way to eliminate stains is to use a professional product like Smile Brilliant.

Quick Note: Consulting with a dentist before starting any whitening product is always encouraged!

2 | Tooth Sensitivity
If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity during whitening, it’s normal and will go away. This is true with all whitening products and it’s definitely something I’m experiencing. I’ve found that using the desensitizing gel for about 30 minutes (instead of the listed 15-20 minutes) really helps!

Also, if you are experiencing gum sensitivity with any whitening product, try rubbing a little Vaseline or coconut oil on them before whitening.

3 | Beware of Abrasive Products
Charcoal teeth whitening products are super trendy right now, but they are actually highly abrasive and will wear down your enamel. This will lead to ongoing sensitivity issues.

Also, the charcoal powder is EXTREMELY hard to get out of your gums. I got a container of charcoal powder in a subscription box a few years ago and it was a nightmare. I used it as instructed (dip wet toothbrush bristles into the powder and brush teeth) and it got all up in my gums. I tried brushing and flossing to get it all out, but my gums looked still looked rotted out. Eventually I found something sharp and picked all of the pieces out, but that was really hard on my gums. I ended up tossing the product after trying it a second time with the same results (I guess I didn’t learn my lesson the first disastrous time).

4 | It Takes Time
Whitening is a process and cannot be done overnight. Every time you whiten, you remove years of stains. If you have sensitive teeth, go slower, but do more applications.

Just like most things in life, there’s no quick fix!

5 | Maintenance
Your teeth are always restaining and will need maintenance. If you use a professional product like Smile Brilliant, the first 7 to 12 sessions should remove all of the stains. Thereafter, you may need to whiten 3-4 times per year to maintain those pearly whites.

That’s the nice part about Smile Brilliant. The custom whitening trays are something that can be kept forever and can be reused as needed.


Now that your teeth whitening expectations are set and realistic, it’s time to try Smile Brilliant for yourself! I’ve teamed up with Smile Brilliant to giveaway (1) Teeth Whitening Kit to one lucky reader! 


Good luck!

If you’re not the lucky winner, you can get 15% off store-wide with the code: awayshewentblog15

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