Pinned It, Made It #8

Over the weekend my friend Michelle and I had our monthly craft day. Can you believe that we’ve made over 20 projects in the past couple of years?!? Today I’m sharing our most recent three projects. If you want to see any of our past crafts, I put together a list at the bottom of the post.

For our January craft we made wreaths. I really wanted a winter wreath that I could use between Christmas and spring, so I made a yarn pompom wreath. I’m obsessed with how it turned out. It took for-ev-er to make all of the pompoms, but it was so worth it. I used this tutorial from Twine and Table as my color/design inspiration, but I ended up buying this pompom tool to make all of the pompoms (instead of using cardboard). I used 4 different yarns and 2 different sized pompoms for the wreath. 

Michelle was able to make two wreaths in the time it took me to make all of those pompoms. She made the burlap wreath using this video tutorial and the Welcome wreath was inspired by a few different ideas on Pinterest (like this one). 

In February we decorated flour sack towels. I did a Valentine’s theme and Michelle made a Valentine’s towel and a Doctor Who one. She used a picture of a tardis as a guide and hand stitched the outline (her towels are the 2 on the left). 

For the double heart Valentine’s towel I printed out a picture of heart and used it as a cutting guide. I hand stitched the hearts on and I love how it turned out. For our second towels, we used this tutorial from Clumsy Crafter for the paint stamping. Instead of using pencil erasers, we used q-tips and it worked out perfectly. I think they turned out so cute and it was such an easy way to add a little Valentine’s spirit to my kitchen.

And finally, this month we stenciled signs. I was sent the stencils courtesy of Stencil Revolution. I used their Thanksgiving Truck and Christmas Truck stencils to create this reversible holiday sign. I was also sent an Easter truck stencil, but that sign didn’t turn out (user error). I still love that stencil and was able to clean all of the paint off, so I’m going to try it again before Easter rolls around.

Michelle painted the two gray signs below. She used spray paint to create the Happily Ever After sign and we were both shocked at how well it turned out. For the rest of the signs we used acrylic craft paint. We learned a lot of lessons on this project…like the trick to seal your stencil with Mod Podge works on raw wood, but not a painted surface (see Easter Truck disaster above). 

We still haven’t decided on our April craft project, so if you have any ideas, leave them in the comments!

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  1. Is it safe to assume that the pompom wreath should be kept indoors? I switch out the wreath on my front door seasonally, but I'd worry that the weather would take its toll on the poor poms.

    1. I've had mine outside for 2 months and still looks great. Our porch is completely covered though, so I don't have to worry about it getting rained on. I definitely wouldn't use it outside if my front door was more exposed to the elements!

  2. This would be wonderful but is it weather proof ?

    1. Definitely not weather proof! Our front porch is completely covered, so it's fine on our front door, but I wouldn't use it outside if it wasn't as covered.

  3. Love all your DIY projects. We are moving and I can't wait to make new projects too

  4. I love these ideas!! I especially love the pom pom wreath and making one for each season!


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