Pinned It, Made It #7

Last weekend my friend Michelle and I had our monthly craft day, so today I want to share a recap of our most recent projects. Can you believe we’ve been doing craft days for over 2 years now?!? We’ve missed a few months over the past couple years for various reasons, but we really do try to make it a priority on our calendars. The funny thing is that we both agree that our very first craft, burlap bubble wreaths, is still our favorite project. If you want to see our past projects, I put together a list at the bottom of the post.

In September we made 2 different pumpkin crafts – monogram pumpkin signs and pumpkin blocks. We used this tutorial for the monogram signs and ordered the pumpkin cutouts from Amazon. Honestly, I don’t love how mine turned out, so next year I’ll probably paint the pumpkin black with white polka dots.

Our second project was these 4x4 pumpkins using this picture as inspiration. I like how mine turned out in general, but I feel like they need something more. I think they might end up getting reworked a little when I put them out next year too.

In October we made wood lanterns. Michelle’s is the blue tardis lantern and mine is the rustic wood one. I used this tutorial from Pretty Handy Girl to make my lantern. We couldn’t find detailed plans for the tardis lantern, but this picture was Michelle’s inspiration.

I LOVE how my lantern turned out and I still have supplies to make a taller, matching one, so that’s on my to-do list. This project would be SO easy with a nail gun, but I don’t have one so it took a lot longer to hammer each nail in.

We missed November because of busy schedules, but this month we made burlap and twine Christmas trees. We had a crazy amount of twine and burlap left over from other projects so we just had to buy the foam cones and wooden stars. Michelle’s are on the left and mine are on the right.

This project is pretty self-explanatory, so we didn’t follow any tutorials, but this picture was my main inspiration. They took way longer than planned, but I’m happy with how they turned out. I started running out of the striped ribbon, so that one didn’t turn out quite how I imagined, but it’s still cute. I can always buy more ribbon and fix it too.

We still haven’t decided on a project for next month yet, so if you have any suggestions. Leave them in the comments! We’re always looking for new ideas! 

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