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I’ve already posted gift guides for her and him, so today I’m sharing Christmas present ideas for the four-legged family members in your life. Do you give Christmas presents to your animals? We always did when I was growing up, so I still do it now. I have a couple friends that think it’s weird, but why wouldn’t I include my favorite fur nuggets in the Christmas fun?

We have three dogs and my parents have two, so I buy a lot of dog related Christmas presents every year. Pretty much all of the gifts ideas below are things I’ve bought in the past and are Ringo/Abby/Jelly approved or things I’m buying for them this year.

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1 | Puzzles
This gift will totally depend on your dog – Ringo loves playing with the puzzles, but Abby really has no interest in them. I bought three different dog puzzle games when Ringo was younger and getting into a lot of mischief. It’s important to exercise their minds, not just their bodies, so these seemed like a good solution. He seriously loves them. The cup game pictured is his favorite, but we also have this kibble drop one and another that’s no longer available.

2 | Grain-Free Treats
Ringo used to get a lot of ear infections and one of the vet’s recommendations was to switch him to a grain-free diet. That was a few years ago when it wasn’t as easily available without spending a fortune. Now it’s so easy (and cheaper) to buy grain-free and I swear it has helped his ears. We still buy a few things that aren’t grain-free, but we really try to stick to it for him. These Blue Buffalo Wilderness treats are one of their favorites. They’re an add-on item, but all three flavors (duck, turkey, and salmon) are less than $4 a bag! If you’ve ever seen them in the store, you know that’s a killer deal!

3 | Toys, Duh!
Crinkle toys are always a hit in our house, especially with Jelly. She loves that noise, so I got her this hippo for Christmas. She likes dragging around long toys too, so she’ll love the length. Abby is a fan of stuffed toys, so I got her this KONG monkey. She’ll love carrying it around everywhere…until one of the other dogs destroys it. Ringo is obsessed with balls, so I got him this animal sounds babble ball. If you’re looking for a less noisy ball, this flashing ball is one of Ringo’s favorites. One of my parents’ dogs also has one and loves it. 

4 | “Rawhides”
Our dogs LOVE rawhides, but after watching a video on how they’re made, I don’t feel comfortable giving rawhides to them anymore. So now I only buy the rawhide-free chews. They’re more expensive (of course), but it’s worth the extra money for the sake of their health. We like the SmartSticks and DreamBone brands. I ordered a few different kinds on Black Friday, but I think these peanut butter ones are going to be the biggest hit.

5 | New Collar
This year I’m buying all of the dogs new collars for Christmas. Theirs are pretty worn and faded looking, so it’s time for a refresh. I ended up buying all of them on Etsy because they have the cutest selection and I love supporting handmade when possible. I ordered the one pictured for Ringo because we always joke that he’s part bear and call him Ringo bear all the time. I ordered Abby’s (teal and hot pink floral) from this shop, but it looks like they’re now closed for Christmas orders. Jelly is getting this purple leopard print collar because she’s our wild little woman.

6 | Wobble Wag Giggle Ball
I’m going to warn you now that this ball is the most annoying toy ever. So why am I recommending it? Because it was our foster dog Macey’s favorite toy ever. We pulled it out every time she needed a distraction and it worked like a charm. Honestly, she had so much fun with it, it was worth listening to the crazy noises it makes.

7 | Jerky Treats
I think all dogs love jerky treats. I bought this bag of grain-free turkey jerky for my parents’ dog Sadie for Christmas. I’m honestly thinking about buying an extra bag for us because it’s such a great deal right now. Amazon currently has it as an add-on item for $5! If you’ve ever bought grain-free jerky or Blue Buffalo Wilderness anything before, you know that’s a great price. I also bought this chicken and apple jerky a couple weeks ago when it was a daily deal and the dogs love it.

8 | BarkBox
Subscription boxes are the gift that keeps giving! BarkBox is a montly subscription box for dogs and each box includes at least 2 toys, 2 treats, and a chew. The boxes are always themed and they are so cute! We used to subscribe to BarkBox and they were so fun to get every month. Of course now Ringo thinks every box that comes in the mail is for him. You can use this link to get a free box with any multi-month plan!

9 | KONG Wet Wubba
It’s too cold for the dogs to get in the pool now, so they’d probably be mad about getting a toy they can’t really play with, but floating toys are always a favorite in our house. Ringo and Abby love to jump in the pool after toys, so they both love the wet wubba. Jelly doesn’t like to swim yet, but she likes standing on the step and stealing the toys as they bring them back, so she’s a fan too. We only let them play with it in the pool area, so it’s lasted two summers so far.

10 | Ball Launcher
I always see people with these at the dog park and I think they are so cool. They’d be the perfect gift for any dog who loves to chase balls…and it saves you from touching them when they’re all slobbery. Plus they are great for anyone who has trouble bending down or shoulder issues…or just a weak throw like me.

What are your dog’s favorite toys and treats? I’m always looking for more ideas, so leave your suggestions in the comments!

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  1. Our big Golden Retriever loves all things Kong. He can go to town with them and they are the only toys that are resilient enough for him and his chewing!

  2. Aaah, I'm so glad I saw this. It reminded me I should snag something for my boyfriend's dog haha! Love this list.

  3. totally using this guide for my MIL's dog!!! Thanks

  4. What a great list. Will share it with my neighbor who has two fur babies of her own! Everyone should get gifts at Christmas!

  5. Oh my gosh my pup would LOVE all of these! I especially love that cute collar. I'm going to have to get that for my little guy! Thanks for sharing such awesome ideas!

  6. As a dog mom who loves to spoil her fur baby, this list is perfect! I was just thinking yesterday what I was going to do for him for Christmas. This is even better- thank you!! :)

  7. My dogs love toys and of course rawhides!!! This is such a great list!!!


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