Living Room Refresh

It’s been such a long time since my last living room post! I think the last one was about my EKTORP thrift find. So, almost 2 years…although I did talk about the new curtains in a house update earlier this year. So let’s start where we left off:


Not much changed in this room until I replaced the curtains at the end of last year. I loved the yellow ticking curtains, but they didn’t have enough visual impact. They blended in with the walls too much. So I replaced them with a pair of woven panels (Nate Berkus – Target). We have the same curtains in the master bedroom and I love them. I love the texture and the color is perfect. Unfortunately they don’t come in a longer size so I had to take the hem out for them to hit the floor. I’m thinking that maybe I should switch out the rod with a darker one too? What do you guys think?

So other than that, nothing else really changed until I was vacuuming a few weeks ago and noticed how shabby our rug was starting to look. In general, I’d say that our rug has held up really well over the past 4 years. It’s held up to years of wear from two big dogs, plus a few foster dogs and our newest doggie addition. It’s starting to show it age now though. There’s some bare spots in high traffic areas and the white parts are not as bright as they used to be.

I started searching for a new rug a couple weeks ago during Rug USA’s Memorial Day sale. I’ve been obsessed with this Distressed Persian rug (in blue) for months, so I thought for sure that’s what I would end up buying. BUT, after a bit more searching I completely fell for the Chroma Faded Gothic Medallion rug (in grey, of course). I read tons of reviews and looked at all of the customer pictures before pushing the buy button. In the end I couldn’t resist the price and positive feedback.

It arrived a couple weeks ago and we finally unrolled it this weekend. I love it! I was nervous about how it would look in person, but the pattern and colors are perfect. It’s so pretty! And it’s not a loop rug, so it should hold up to doggie nails better than our last one and the color will definitely hide dirt better. 

Now that I have a new rug, I want a new coffee table. I think I’m going to get this metal and marble one from West Elm. I love the look of it and so does Adam. We also like how much sturdier it looks vs. our current table. The legs on our current table are getting a little wobbly and one of them won’t tighten anymore. I think the box shape will hold up to getting moved around more than our current table’s design. Although the price is a little high, so I'm looking around for alternatives...

Other than that, I need new pillows for the couch. Our current ones don’t match the rug and are getting a little worn too. I don’t change my pillows out every season and we actually use them when we watch TV, so they get a lot of wear all year long. With the busy design of the rug, I wanted to keep the pillows simple, so I ordered three of these navy covers. The pattern is subtle enough to not compete with the rug, but is more exciting than plain navy.

So that’s our living room refresh plan. Hopefully I can get everything pulled together soon so I can share an update within the next month or so. I can’t wait to see how it all looks together!


  1. I love that rug! I've been looking for a new one for our living room too. It's such a high traffic area for people and the dog. The rug is so light that it shows everything! I love that the colors and pattern of that rug will help hide dirt. And i love how you can pull so many colors from it to add to the room.

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