ORC Week 4 – Master Bedroom Accessories

Two weeks until the big reveal! I’m starting to stress! The finishing touches are always my downfall and I didn’t get very much done last week. I still haven’t decided on a chaise lounge/settee/chair and ottoman for the room. I just can’t figure out exactly what I want…the clock is ticking!

OK, let’s talk about what I did do this week - I found new knobs for my dressers. They’re from Hobby Lobby ($2.50/each) and I love them. Even my boyfriend commented on how good they looked. Now I just need to find enough of them for both dressers! I have enough for one of them, but not both…

I also bought the laundry hamper I was talking about last week. I know a hamper is not a very interesting piece design-wise, but having it there is SO practical.

A few of my accessories arrived this week: the vase is from West Elm (still on sale!) and the wood sign is from Etsy. I also received my pillow shams from Kohl’s

I have so much to get done this week in order to finish the room in time. Eeek! Hopefully the other ORC’ers made more progress this week than I did. You can check out the featured designers here and the other linking participants here.



  1. Love that laundry hamper! I've been looking for something like that for our room, since it sits out (not hidden in a closet), I want something cute like that. Where did you find it??


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