Christmas Home Tour 2015

I’m sure you’re all sick on seeing Christmas posts by now, but I promise this will be the only one and it won’t have multiple pictures of decorations from just slightly different angles. Honestly, I almost didn’t share my decorations this year because it all looks pretty similar to last year (see last year’s decorations here). I mean, I’m using the exact same decorations, so I’m not sure how different it could possibly look. I just don’t see the point in buying all new decorations every year. Ain’t nobody got money/storage for all of that!

Anyway, let’s start with the mantle. I used the same stockings, glitter letters, garland and twig snowflake as last year. The angel candleholders are from Wal-Mart like 4-5 years ago. I spray painted them white a few years ago and they are still a couple of my favorite decorations.

OK, let’s talk tree:

There are a lot of similarities from last year, but I did add the wooden bead garland (from Michael’s) plus some additional ornaments that I bought after Christmas last year. I also skipped the poinsettia blooms this year.

I love how the tree turned out, but I think I’m most excited about my new angel ornament. I bought it at a Vatican gift shop while we were in Italy. For no additional charge, they’ll have your item blessed (by a member of the Vatican clergy I assume) and delivered to your hotel later that night/next day.

I do want to brag a bit and say that I had all of my Christmas shopping done and everything wrapped two weeks ago. That’s definitely a record for me! 

One of my favorite and easiest Christmas decorations this year is my chalkboard. I used this picture as inspiration for drawing the ornaments and I love how it all turned out. I’m not very artistic, but I think it looks pretty cute! 

Other than that I just have random decorations around the house. I love decorating for Christmas and having all the festive decorations around me (especially the lights outside and on the tree), but I’m already getting sick of the clutter. I think I’m going to go on cleaning/organizing spree once the holidays are over.

Of course I have to end this post on a cheery Christmas note, so here’s a picture of Ringo and Abby in front of our tree! You don't want to know how many treats it took to get this picture...

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