Christmas Break To-Do List

I’m officially on Christmas Break for the next two weeks! I’m so excited!

As I have in the past, today I’m sharing my to-do list for the break (you can see the previous lists here). I’m hoping that putting this out there will motivate me to actually finish some of these projects. Of course the chances I’ll finish all of them are slim to none, but I purposely make my list long so I’ll have projects to choose from based on my mood. For example, obviously I’m not going to get my entire backyard landscaped in two weeks, but I’m hoping to finally get some estimates and a crew started on landscaping back there. I also have some serious weeds growing in the seams of my concrete patio, so I’d like to take care of those too. If I can get that done, we’ll call that one a success.

OK, let’s take a look at my Christmas Break to-do list:

Install Baseboards in Living Room
Build Laundry Room Countertop

Re-caulk Master Bathroom Shower
Refresh Guest Bathroom

Replace Office Outlets and Switches
Touch-up Paint Around the House
Landscape the Backyard

Update Office Gallery Wall

Finish Pantry
Hang Travel Art Gallery Wall in Master Bedroom

Should we take bets on how many I’ll actually finish? Based on past years, I’d say 3-4 is a safe bet. Anyway, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season. I’ll be back in 2016 to share my finished Christmas Break projects and other fun projects!

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