Gone Palm

It’s hotter than Hades in Phoenix right now, so outdoor projects are on hold until fall…unless I can pay someone to do them for me. This is one of those projects.

Anyway…a few weeks ago I got a notice from my HOA telling me to trim the dead fronds from the palm tree in my front yard. The past couple years I’ve lucked out and I’ve caught tree trimmers going door to door, so I didn’t have to bother calling anyone. No such luck this year. I probably wasn’t home when they came by, which is total bummer because I hate calling people for estimates.

I ended up calling a couple different tree trimming companies, but only heard back from one (as usual). I asked for a quote to trim the tree and out of curiosity, a quote to completely remove the tree. It ended up being only a couple hundred dollars more for them to remove the tree and grind down the stump, so I decided to cut down the tree. It was too tall to add anything to the landscape and it’s not like it provided any shade for the house, plus now I won’t have to pay to have it trimmed every year.

The guys showed up a few days later and cut it down. I wish I had progress pictures because it’s pretty interesting to watch a guy hanging from a giant palm tree with a chainsaw. It made me a little nervous, but I’m sure he’s done that hundreds of time. Once it was mostly cut down, they grinded the stump down and cleaned everything up. I’m so glad I decided to cut it down because the yard looks SO much better without it.

You can’t even tell there was ever a palm tree there! They did such a great job! The yard looks so much more open and bigger now. It was definitely worth the money.

I’m curious what the HOA is going to say, but technically I did remove the dead fronds as requested…


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