ORC Week 3 – Walls and Ceiling

It’s week three of the One Room Challenge and as usual, I’m starting to panic. I only have a couple more weeks to work until I need to start finishing up and taking pictures for the reveal. I’m definitely starting to worry about the vanity countertop arriving on time…and the fact that non-refundable, so hopefully I measured correctly…

OK, before I go into complete panic mode, let’s talk about the progress I’ve made since last week:

I painted the walls and ceiling! Yay! As a quick reminder, this is the color the room used to be:

Actually, it was originally green, but I don’t have any pictures of the original color. I painted it that gray color the day after I closed on the house, but I never really loved that shade of gray (it’s too blue). I’ve been wanting to repaint this room for awhile now, so I’m glad it’s finally done. As you probably noticed, I striped everything except for the light fixture and toilet out of the room to paint. I hate having to tape off things, so my solution was just to remove them. It took a little more time upfront, but it made painting a lot easier. Oh, and the new paint color is Stone Age by Valspar.

It’s hard to tell the difference in pictures, but I promise in person it’s a little darker and definitely grayer. I’m really happy with my color choice and I can’t wait to see how it looks once the vanity is painted white and the new countertop is installed. 

You might have also noticed that I got a little wild while I was painting around the mirror, so I need to scrape off the excess paint. Although it doesn’t have to be perfect because I’m planning on adding trim to frame out the mirror. I also need to touch up the trim in a couple places and the walls will be done!

This week I also got the notches cut out of the new drawer, so it finally fits in the vanity! I never did find my jigsaw, so I had to use a circular saw. I definitely don’t recommend doing it that way, but sometimes you just have to make do.

I still have a lot left to do, but a least I’m making some progress! By next week I’m hoping to finish the little, time consuming projects in anticipation of my new counter being delivered at the end of the month. So this week I’m planning to touch up the trim, clean the paint off the mirror, re-caulk around the shower, fix the original drawer, attach both drawer fronts, and maybe even paint the doors and drawers. Hopefully I’ll decide on the artwork and other accessories this week too.

Paint Room
Buy Missing Drawer Replacement

Install Replacement Drawer and Drawer Front

Fix Original Drawer and Add Drawer Front
Install Replacement False Drawer Front
Paint Vanity
Add Pulls to Doors/Drawers
New Countertop
Frame Large Mirror
New Shower Curtain
Re-Caulk Shower
New Towels
Buy Bath Mat

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  1. Love that paint color. I hate taping too, and I remove anything from the walls that I can to avoid taping haha. I can't wait to see how your bathroom turns out! I think painting the vanity and the new counter top are going to make a HUGE impact on the room.

  2. I like your solution to not taping! I hate taping too. What I don't hate is your new paint color- it looks really good!

  3. That seems like a much better idea to remove things than to tape them off. Great color! :)

  4. The grey is super pretty and excited to see the vanity transformed!

  5. Great job with the painting! The color looks so nice :) Can't wait to see the vanity!!

  6. The paint job looks great! Can't wait to see those new countertops go in!

  7. This looks great! Love the gray! I hate taping to paint too!! Good luck this week!

  8. The color looks good. Can't wait to see more! Good luck!

  9. Love the color, Sara! The paint job looks great and I can't wait to see the vanity! Good luck :)


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