Insta-16: Take 10

It’s time for another round of Instagram pictures! You can see the previous nine recaps here

If you have an account, you can follow me at: sam_whit22.  If not, this recap is for you! I’ve rounded up my last 16 Instagram pictures for you here today. This roundup includes my trip to England, a rainstorm, a traffic jam and lots of Ringo and Abby pictures!

As usual, my plan is to share a pretty collage of all the pictures and then pick my top 5 in different categories: Abby, Ringo, Cutest Couple (Ringo and Abby), Yummy (Food or Drink), and Wildcard (Non-Food and Non-Puppy).

OK, enough talk! Here’s the tenth round of Instagram pictures:

And here are my favorites: 



That’s Abby’s sister Mini (she was the runt of the litter, hence the name). She belongs to our friends and we usually dog-sit for them a couple times a year while they are on vacation. Surprisingly, Ringo gets along with Mini better than Abby does. Ringo and Mini play 24/7, but Abby just isn’t that interested. She would rather hang out on my lap and watch them.


Look at that sad Ringo face! He was upset that he didn’t get to go to England with me! The dogs hate when I pull out the suitcase because they know it means I’m leaving and will be gone for awhile. I love traveling, but I sure do miss my doggies while I’m away.

Cutest Couple

I like to think that this is a picture of Ringo and Abby keeping me company while I cook, but it’s more likely that they were just hoping I’d drop some food!  Abby usually hangs out with me while I cook (because she’s my shadow and rarely leaves my side), but Ringo only comes around when he thinks he’s going to get food or when he sees that I’m making a mess and might drop something.


This is from the British Airways’ business class lounge in Heathrow Airport. Yes, self-serve drinks! I had a few Grey Goose and cranberry cocktails…and was almost late for my flight! They also had a buffet and the food was surprisingly good. I must say that flying business class is pretty amazing!


This is Southsea Castle in Portsmouth, England. I walked 3 miles roundtrip (in flip flops) to see it. I had already been in England a few days without doing any sightseeing and refused to leave without seeing a castle, so after work one day I walked around the seawall from my hotel to the castle. Of course by the time I got there I had to hurry back to the hotel to meet up for dinner. It was definitely worth the walk though!

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