Wine Glass Storage

I don’t know how people live with kitchens that don’t have upper cabinets. I see all of these beautiful kitchens on blogs and Pinterest that don’t have upper cabinets or they just have a couple small shelves with decorative items...where do they put all of their dishes and glasses? Or do they not really use the kitchen? I don’t get it. 


We have a couple upper cabinets in our kitchen, but I’ve always wished for more space. Three years later I finally figured out a solution to free up almost an entire shelf. 

An under-cabinet wine glass holder!

I found this one on Amazon for $11.65, but if you are handy, you could probably build one yourself. On second thought, just spend the $11.65 and save yourself the time/effort. 

It was pretty simple to install - just a little measuring and drilling. I wanted to hang them the other direction, but they were too long to fit under the cabinet that way. I could have cut them down, but then I’d only be able to fit four glasses instead of six. Plus they fit under the cabinet perfectly this direction, so it was meant to be.  

Of course I had to celebrate a successful project with a glass of wine! 


  1. I think the same thing...where does all their stuff go. I have one friend who rents her house and there are no upper cabinets. thank goodness they have a basement right from the kitchen, because that's where the rest of her stuff goes. We had a wine glass holder in my old cabinets before we redid the kitchen, and G made it. But you're right, for what it's worth, just buy one!

  2. Love this! We got an under the cabinet wine holder as a wedding gift and I love it! We a have a ton of wine and champagne glasses, so it literally freed up and entire cabinet by hanging them.

  3. I'm such a bad bloggy friend! I just realized I'm behind on all of your posts! Anyways! I have that exact same one in my kitchen. It is so handy. It keeps them accessible but not in the way and saves cabinet space for precious vintage Pyrex finds! hehehe. Plus it makes it easier to drink.

    Which is my favorite part. :)

  4. Some people just excel at not having lots of crap! I'm not one of them. We are currently culling for a big move, and realising just how short of storage we have been all these years.

    That's a night idea for glasses. I think having stuff visible also reminds you to use it!!


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